Destiny 2 The Final Shape Exotic Class items: How to unlock & best combinations

Shane Black
Destiny 2 Exotic Class Items

One of Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s most-anticipated additions are the three Exotic Class items that players can unlock that offer unique abilities to bring the fight to the forces of Darkness.

While players couldn’t unlock the abilities in the first week of the expansion until after the Salvation’s Edge raid was completed, the second week has them now open for the taking.

All you have to do is complete the new activity called Dual Destiny, and we have the breakdown of everything you need to know about what these Exotic items are, and how to best use them in Destiny 2.

How to unlock Exotic Class items

Destiny 2 Overthrow activity

To unlock the Dual Destiny activity, you will need to complete the Overthrow event in each of the three areas it can be accessed: The Landing, The Impasse, and The Blooming.

You will need to beat every wave of the event, and once you have finished, there will be a prompt to find a Secret-Keeper of the Witch Queen nearby. You can easily track them down by driving around the area and checking your radar.

When you have done this in all three areas, you can head to The Blooming to find a green beam of light that will show you to a spot of light you can interact with to get the Savathun’s Envoy buff.

This will prompt a seven-minute timer to appear and you will then need to head to the two markers that appear on your map. At each spot, you will fight through waves of Dread and then defeat a Subjugator boss at the end.

When you have defeated this boss, one of two things will drop, a Refracted Light or a Refracted Dark. You must pick this up and take it back to the spot where you were given the Savathun’s Envoy buff.

Once you have done this with both Refracted items, the Dual Destiny mission will be unlocked. This mission requires you to have another player with you; it cannot be done solo or with three people in your Fireteam.

You must also have your partner be the opposite Super type as you (Light and Dark). The mission itself can be confusing to complete, as it requires both players to use callouts at certain moments as one player can see something the other cannot. It functions much in the same way as a Raid would, so teamwork and communication is key.

At the end, you will be pitted against two Subjugators as the final boss, again, with a team-oriented twist, before Savathun asks you and your teammate to fight. Now, this is actually a decision on your part: you can choose to fight each other or to make declare peace.

Should you choose to battle or not, you will have the chance to claim one of the new Exotic Class items at the end of the mission.

Best perk combinations

Now, each Exotic Class item comes with 16 possible Perks that it can come with, and each roll gives you two to work with. Not every combo is created equal, however, which is why we have the best combinations for you.

Essentialism (Hunter)

Destiny 2 Essentialism

Spirit of Caliban & Spirit of Synthoceps: These Perks work best together to create powerful melee capabilities. Caliban will allow powered melee final blows to trigger an ignition, while Synthoceps will give you better melee damage when surrounded. These two will make it so that should you be swarmed by enemies, you will be given an edge against those numbers.

Spirit of the Dragon & Spirit of the Coyote: This Perk combo is designed to improve your Class ability, with the Dragon reloading your weapons and improving weapon handling when using it. The Coyote gives you an extra charge of that Class ability. This means more chances to use the ability and an added benefit when using it.

Spirit of Galanor & Spirit of the Star-Eater: Star-Eater is here to improve your Super through Orbs of Power overcharging it when its energy is full. Combine that with Galanor, which will replenish energy whenever you get hits and Final Blows with your Super. It creates a vicious cycle that will help you create a monster with your Super, and help you keep it rolling as long as possible.

Stoicism (Titan)

Destiny 2 Stoicism

Spirit of Hoarfrost & Spirit of Alpha Lupi: These will give your Barricade a little bit more oomph, through the healing abilities of Alpha Lupi and the Stasis of Hoarfrost that will slow nearby enemies. It makes Barricade much more powerful, both keeping you alive and making your enemies vulnerable.

Spirit of Severance & Spirit Contact: Give your Powered Melee an added kick through a damaging explosion when landing a hit, while also hitting surrounding enemies with a jolt of lightning. It has single target and crowd control capabilities, which is always useful.

Spirit of the Eternal Warrior & Spirit of the Star-Eater: Gain Super improvements through overcharging it with Star-Eater, and then gaining a damage bonus when your Super ends. It makes for a duration of incredible power when you activate your Super in any situation.

Solipsism (Warlock)

Destiny 2 Solipsism

Spirit of the Stag & Spirit of Vesper: Create a powerful Rift that will reduce incoming damage for any ally standing in it, it will also shoot out Arc damage occasionally. Keep your team going while also hurting those around you.

Spirit of the Filaments & Spirit of Vesper: Another exceptional Rift combo that will send out Arc damage, and grant you Devour when you use an empowered Rift. Using Devour will help you get your health back as you damage your enemies so staying in your Rift is a viable strategy.

Spirit of the Necrotic & Spirit of the Claw: You can boost your Melee with these Perks, as the Necrotic will poison enemies you hit, and also spread the condition when defeating them. The Claw will give you an extra Melee Charge, so you can use this even more.

There are still many things to uncover and unlock in Destiny 2: The Final Shape, so be sure to check out all Exotics now in the game, how the Pathfinder system works, and how to collect the Strange Coins.