Destiny 2 players devise genius weapon crafting idea for Witch Queen expansion

Alec Mullins
Destiny 2 gameplay capture from Witch Queen expansionBungie

Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion The Witch Queen is bringing a new weapon crafting system to the game and players are dreaming up ways it could make their favorite weapons more useful and exciting. 

Destiny 2 has seen a lot of changes to its weapon system over the years, but The Witch Queen promises to arrive with a shiny new crafting menu to fix some of the current ailments.

While we don’t know exactly how things are going to work in terms of upgrading your guns, Bungie has promised players the ability to “forge new weapons and level them up with customizable perks, stats, and more.”

The concept of upgrading older guns has had fans in a stir, and what started as a suggestion that the Monte Carlo should receive a catalyst has since spun off into a web of ideas concerning the potential of this new system.

Destiny 2 weapon crafting system in The Witch Queen

The idea of the Monte Carlo – a weapon that gains increased damage based on melee kills – getting a proper melee form isn’t a new one, the gun was in the original Destiny and fans have been asking for a proper change for years now. However, the request remains more popular than ever.

One user suggested a simple way for an upgrade like this to work: “Make it do 1.5x more damage with powered melee or something…Use the blade and when the powered melee is charged you get a buff to it. Would be awesome”

Destiny 2 Agers Scepter Exotic Trace Rifle Season 15Bungie
Ager’s Scepter is one of the newest Exotics in Destiny 2. How will these newer guns play with the upcoming crafting system?

While that alone could be a compelling concept, another user tied in the upcoming weapon crafting system, imagining a world where future Destiny Exotics could be built off the strength of older ones: “Imagine being able to build an Exotic Glaive out of repurposed Monte Carlo Parts as a quest.”

Part of what makes this an interesting idea is the trouble Bungie has had with keeping guns relevant and useful in the game. From the changes to sunsetting and limiting older weapons’ power, to the removal of the Black Armory content, it certainly seems like this has been a priority target for the game’s future.

While all of the game’s older Exotics have been retired to the Monument to Lost Lights, this could add another piece of motivation for players to spend the time unlocking from that vault.