Destiny 2 players pay tribute to Lance Reddick during Guardian Games

Kurt Perry
commander zavala preparing for war in destiny 2 cinematic trailer

Destiny 2 players are paying tribute to late actor Lance Reddick, who portrayed Zavala in the franchise, by playing as the Titan class during the 2023 Guardian Games event.

Guardian Games is an annual event in Destiny 2 that began in 2020. It sees all three classes fight it out to decide which is best.

The premise of the Guardian Games is that players earn medallions by completing activities and objectives. These medallions are then used at the Tower’s podium for rewards and progress for the class played.

One of Destiny’s most notable Titan characters is Commander Zavala. Zavala is voiced by Lance Reddick who passed away in March 2023 and the Destiny community is using the new event as an opportunity to pay tribute.

Destiny 2 players honor the late Lance Reddick

One Reddit post on the official Destiny 2 subreddit received over 4,000 upvotes encouraging players to “Win it for Lance,” posted the day before the Guardian Games began.

Another Destiny 2 fan posted a Tweet urging the community to “make Lance proud,” with a powerful piece of art featuring a Titan, a lion, and a tagline reading “Let’em hear you roar.”

Destiny 2 content creators have been getting involved with the touching act too with Twitch streamer lockandloadliv tweeting: “Not only because Titans are the best, I am also choosing Titan to try to win guardian games in honor of Lance.”

The honoring of Lance Reddick has achieved its goal with the Titan class currently dominating the 2023 Guardian Games event. A victory for Destiny 2’s tankiest class seems inevitable with them building such a convincing lead after just two days.

This is the second time that the Destiny 2 community has honored Lance. In March 2023 players held vigils for Reddick by having a moment of silence alongside Commander Zavala.

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