Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2023: Start date & time, rewards, more

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Destiny 2’s yearly clash of the Guardians has been confirmed for 2023. Here’s everything we know about the Guardian Games, including start time, rewards, and more.

Guardians in Destiny 2 have always had a rivalry with one another, with each class constantly trying to prove which is the best. Guardian Games is Bungie’s answer to that age-old question, providing players with an event and a competition in an Olympic-like manner.

According to Bungie’s Lightfall TWAB, Guardian Games will be returning in 2023 for Destiny 2. Guardian Games, like the year before, will involve several rewards and cosmetics for players, as well as some form of activity for players to compete in.

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What are Destiny 2’s Guardian Games?

The Guardian Games are an event in Destiny 2 which pits Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans in a head-to-head competition to see who is the best class of them all.

Bungie determines this via what classes can accumulate the most points, which are gained by completing either activities or bounties.

destiny 2 guardian gamesBungie
The Tower will also receive a makeover for the 2023 Guardian Games.

Alongside this, Bungie often offers sweet cosmetics that are Olympic themed, with each of the classes sporting its own color.

Guardian Games 2023 Start Date and Time

Bungie has confirmed that this year’s Guardian Games will start on May 2, 2023 (week 10 of Season of the Defiance). The Games will end on 23 May, meaning the event will go on for three weeks in total.

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Start times are yet to be confirmed. However, it’s highly likely that the Guardian Games will start on the weekly reset. Therefore the Guardian Games for 2023 should start at 5 PM GMT/10 AM PT/1 PM ET.

Guardian Games 2023 Rewards

Guardian Games will also reward players who partake in the event, offering neat cosmetics in theme with the event. We’re yet to know what exactly will be on offer from Bungie, but it’s likely we’ll receive a cosmetic set of armor for each class, similar to last year.

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destiny 2Bungie
Titans, Hunters, and Guardians will have a new outfit for the Guardian Games in 2023.

There’s a good chance that a new weapon may be added to the game on behalf of this event, similar to how “The Title” was added last year.

Bungie will also reward the winning class of the event with a neat statue that remains in the tower until the next Guardian Games swings around.