Destiny 2 players honor Lance Reddick with touching in-game tribute

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Lance Reddick voiced Commander Zavala, a character who has played an integral part of Destiny’s story from the very beginning. Shortly following reports of his passing, Destiny 2 players have been spotted holding vigils for the esteemed voice and screen actor.

Lance Reddick had a long and storied history within Hollywood even before he took the gaming scene by storm by putting his acting prowess on display in multiple AAA titles.

Between his incredible performance as Sylens in the Horizon series to his voice being lent to Commander Zavala, a pivotal character in the Destiny series, he’s had a massive impact in some of the world’s most popular video games.

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Destiny 2 players were hit hard by news of his passing, with players gathering around Commander Zavala in-game to hold vigils in tribute to the iconic voice actor.

Destiny 2 players hold vigils for recently deceased Lance Reddick

Lance Reddick was a part of dozens of TV shows and films over the course of his illustrious career that spanned over two decades. Though he had on screen roles he was well known for like those in the John Wick films, he really hit his stride as a video game voice actor as well.

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Between his major roles in the Horizon series and the Destiny games, he made waves in the games industry with his stellar and memorable performances in both titles.

With him being a crucial part of Destiny’s almost decade-long history as Commander Zavala, a main character in the series from the very beginning, Destiny 2 players have come together to hold vigils for Reddick.

This in-game movement was highlighted by Paul Tassi, and the replies were filled with other players gathering to hold vigils for Reddick and honor his legacy, both in-game and out.

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Players have been using emotes and in-game poses to gather around Zavala, putting their weapons down and taking a moment of silence.

Though he may be gone, players can at least approach him in-game and continue to have his voice guide them through their adventures in Destiny 2.

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