Destiny 2 players mock tutorial & suggest Apex Legends instead

Destiny 2 Red War campaign screenshotBungie

Destiny 2’s tutorial leaves much to be desired, and players have jokingly suggested newcomers look elsewhere for their FPS fix.

Destiny 2 has been around since 2017, and in the four years since has become a pretty complex game. There are a wealth of activities, the game is in its fifteenth season, and there is a huge mess of currencies, quests, and expansions to sift through for newcomers.

We recently published an article about how returning to the game after a hiatus was a nightmare, but for new players, it’s much worse. With Bungie committing to the Destiny Content Vault, a way of cycling content in and out of its first-person shooter/MMO hybrid, anyone jumping in now will be met with a short tutorial and very little story context.

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Ahead of the Witch Queen expansion in 2022, one Destiny fan took to the game’s subreddit to discuss how it feels trying to get new players into the franchise.

Cover art from Destiny 2 Forsaken showing Cayde 6 being carried

Destiny 2 newcomers should play Apex Legends instead

Reddit user CDClock’s post, titled “Trying to get new people to play the game be like” runs through a series of things experienced players would say when sharing the game they love with someone that hasn’t played before.

Ripe for ridicule is the game’s initial, underwhelming tutorial, as well as the game’s bizarre pricing structure that means players can snag all current expansions for $40 – but that the biggest (and best), Forsaken, will be going away when The Witch Queen arrives.

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The upcoming 30th Anniversary pack from Bungie gets a mention, too, with the pack controversially including a dungeon that isn’t included with Witch Queen’s Deluxe Edition. Then there’s the requirement to buy that, and potentially season passes, too.

At the end, the post jokes “why are you turning on Apex Legends?” While Apex Legends is a different sort of loot-shooter, there’s no denying it’s much easier to get into.

The Destiny community has long joked about how much of an investment keeping up with the game has been, while also noting that it helps pay for new content from Bungie, but the post has some wishing the Red War campaign could make a comeback (the campaign that Destiny 2 launched with).

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“There should always be a full-fledged campaign as the intro to Destiny. I think the Red War would be perfect,” one commenter notes, while another says that the “Shadowkeep campaign should be free and the opening for new players” since it ties into the game’s current story arc.

Last month we opined that Bungie should consider a monthly subscription service for Destiny 2 that includes the game’s expansions. As it stands, the base game of Destiny 2 is free (sans vaulted content), and there are three annual expansions to play through before Witch Queen. Forsaken, originally launched in 2018, will be free-to-play from December 7 – but will be removed when Witch Queen (and Season 16) launches.

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As for how Bungie will tweak the new player experience, it’s anyone’s guess – but it’s clear Destiny 2 needs something of a shakeup.