Destiny 2 perk is the Raid DPS substitute for Still Hunt Titans and Warlocks are looking for

Joe Pring
Still Hunt Golden Gun ability being activated in Destiny 2 The Final Shape.

A potent weapon and armor combo made possible with The Final Shape’s release has elevated Hunters to top-tier for Raid DPS but there are alternatives for Destiny 2’s other classes.

Still Hunt, an Exotic sniper rifle that loads three Golden Gun shots after landing precision damage/picking up Orbs of Power, synergizes perfectly with Hunters’ Celestial Nighthawk Exotic helmet. The latter reduces the available Golden Gun shots to one but increases damage exponentially to compensate.

The result is more damage per second, a crucially important consideration for tight DPS windows during Raid boss encounters. Titans and Warlocks don’t have access to Celestial Nighthawk but that’s where High Ground comes in.

Introduced in Season of the Witch and reworked for The Final Shape, High Ground grants one stack of High Ground for seven seconds upon scoring a kill, capping at three stacks. At maximum stacks, this translates to a 25% damage buff.

Sound like too much setup? Fortunately, the full three stacks will passively be granted against any target whose feet are below yours. As luck would have it, The Witness’ tootsies dangle far below Guardians’ own in Salvation’s Edge‘s climactic battle.

Destiny 2 The Witness
High Ground is an excellent perk choice for meeting DPS checks against The Witness

As for which weapons are best used with High Ground, Linear Fusion Rifles are being repped hard by players on a Reddit thread discussing DPS options for Titans and Warlocks.

The reason for this is twofold. The first is self-explanatory; Power Weapons deal the most damage. The second is due to how damage phases unfold against The Witness. Scoping in against the boss’ weak point is a surefire way to get yourself killed. Hip firing is therefore preferred and landing shots against a giant weak spot without ADS with Linear Fusions is relatively easy.

With all of this in mind, you’ve got two options. One of these is Doomed Petitioner from Season of the Wish. Anyone who has the Pattern for this can craft one with High Ground. If you missed out on Doomed Petitioner — it’s currently unavailable — your only other option is world drop Suspectum-4fr. The best way to farm the latter is by turning in your Gunsmith Engrams with Banshee-44 and hoping for the best.

Alternatively, Taipan-4fr with Triple Tap and Firing Line is still a solid pick for boss damage if you’re not eager to grind out the perfect roll for Suspectum.

With Contest Mode for Salvation’s Edge no longer active, High Ground isn’t a requirement to down The Witness, so if you’re looking for alternatives, other comments have championed Microcosm and Leviathan’s Breath as solid DPS picks.