This Destiny 2 Nightfall weapon is already outclassed by a superior Dungeon drop

Joe Pring
Destiny 2 shadow price auto rifle

Destiny 2 players have struggled to justify grinding God rolls for one of the game’s Nightfall and Grandmaster weapons, not least because a better Precision Frame Arc auto rifle already exists.

Guardians questioned the viability of Shadow Price and its Adept variant on Reddit, with particular criticism aimed at its lackluster pool of available perks.

“Just wanted to come here and say please, Bungie, add some better perks to Shadow Price. That is all,” read the OP’s comment, prompting others to confirm they’d already thrown in the towel before starting the grind.

“Took only a glance to decide that I’m not bothering with Strikes this week,” one replied. Another stipulated, “I love Shadow Price but damn it needs some good third-column perks,” as the culprit for its low standing in the sandbox.

Prosecutor Arc Auto Rifle in Destiny 2
Guardians agreed that Prosecutor is superior to Shadow Price

For context, the possible third-column perks for Shadow Price are:

  • Surplus
  • Overflow
  • Bottomless Grief
  • Fourth Time’s The Charm
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Killing Wind

Except for Feeding Frenzy, all the above are better suited to PvP. Like PvE, though, Prosecutor is the better pick in Crucible thanks to its vastly superior rolls.

“Honestly if you’re looking for an Arc 450, Prosecutor completely sh*ts all over Shadow Price,” came one response. “Dragonfly/Voltshot is a way better ad clear roll and Proesecutor’s Origin Trait is always working, whereas Shadow Price’s requires kills or Champion stuns,” they continued.

“Onslaught would’ve made this gun stand out. The way I see it, it’s just Walmart-brand Prosecutor,” added another.

For the unaware, Prosecutor drops from Prophecy. Bungie’s refresh of the Dungeon’s loot pool, including perks for existing weapons, has resulted in the auto rifle becoming a popular pick for Arc builds, in particular. No Patterns have been made available for Prophecy weapons, so Guardians need to get lucky or grind for their desired roll.