Destiny 2 Astral Alignment Offensive guide: New Season of the Lost activity

Destiny 2 Astral AlignmentBungie

Astral Alignment Offensive is Destiny 2’s new six-player activity in Season of the Lost and we’ve got a complete guide to help get you through the unique experience.

With the arrival of Season of the Lost on August 24 came a wide array of new content in Destiny 2. From new weapons and Exotics to huge sandbox changes, and even a new six-player activity.

No different from previous seasonal updates, Season of the Lost introduced a new matchmade activity. This time around, players can battle through the Astral Alignment Offensive to evolve the Dreaming City.

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Here’s a complete walkthrough of the new activity to help you through the latest Destiny 2 challenge.

Crush the Intruders

Destiny 2 Astral AlignmentBungie
Astral Alignment starts at the Blind Well.

The first step in the Astral Alignment activity couldn’t be simpler.

As soon as you load into the Dreaming City, all you need to do is clear a room full of enemies.

This room will be familiar to experienced Blind Well grinders and the encounter plays out in much the same way. Once the enemies are wiped out, simply interact with a device in the center of the map, insert your compass, and your team will be teleported to a new area.

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Collapse Taken Rifts

Destiny 2 Astral AlignmentBungie
Fight through waves of Taken enemies to progress through the activity.

Upon entering the next area, head straight forward and activate a beacon directly in front of your team. This triggers the next step and spawns in a fresh wave of Taken enemies.

Throughout the encounter, you’ll be met with foes labeled as the ‘Eye of Xivu Arath’. Simply wipe them out and collect their Taken Essence. With this Essence in hand, head to a nearby Rift to deposit it.

Rinse and repeat until every Rift has collapsed and your team will once again be teleported to a new location

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Installing Batteries

Destiny 2 Astral AlignmentBungie
Keep your teammates alive as they carry Batteries through the map.

For the next step of the activity, you’ll once again be clearing waves of enemies though this time, there’s an added element thrown into the mix. Three Batteries must be installed twice each for a total of six installations.

Picking a Battery up makes you ‘Encumbered’ for 20 seconds, drastically reducing your move speed and jump height. Once this timer ends, you’ll automatically drop the Battery and become ‘Exhausted’, meaning you can’t pick it up again until the cooldown expires.

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You’ll have to work together here and ensure someone is ready to pick up each Battery as soon as another player becomes exhausted.

After installing every required Battery, clear the final wave of enemies and you’ll be teleported to the next area.

Defeat the final boss

Destiny 2 Astral AlignmentBungie
The final Astral Alignment boss shouldn’t be much of a challenge for seasoned Guardians.

Upon entering the final phase, your team will be sent back to the Blind Well once again. This time around, you’ll have a unique boss fight waiting for you.

In week one, the boss is known as Kholks, Taken of Xivu Arath. Though there’s currently no telling if bosses rotate or remain fixed.

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The first phase of this boss couldn’t be simpler, deal damage to wipe out the first chunk of its health bar.

For the second chunk of health, you’ll notice an invulnerable shield now prevents any damage. Search the area for a Taken Pylon. Destroy this Pylon, kill the powerful enemy it spawns, then pick up its Taken Essence. This Essence allows you to break the boss shield and resume damage.

Repeat the same process for the third chunk of health and collect your rewards to complete the Season of the Lost activity.

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