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How to unlock No Time to Explain in Destiny 2 Beyond Light: exotic guide

Published: 9/Nov/2020 17:04 Updated: 12/Nov/2020 15:50

by Andrew Highton


Destiny 2’s Beyond Light is another content-rich bundle of weapons, skins, missions, and action. Our Destiny 2 Beyond Light No Time to Explain guide details precisely how players will be able to get their hands on this extremely rare weapon. 

One of the most exciting aspects of any new expansion pack is the toy chest full of new goodies to play with. Beyond Light has already signaled Destiny’s intentions with its roadmap & Season of the Hunt content on the way.

An interesting piece of content being added to the Destiny 2 armory is the No Time to Explain pulse rifle. It’s based on a popular weapon from the original Destiny game and it’s quite an exclusive gun to own.

Find out how to obtain it with our Destiny 2 Beyond Light No Time to Explain guide.

the no time to explain gun in destiny 2 beyond light
But we will explain how you can get your hands on it.

Beyond Light

The year 4 expansion for Destiny takes players to the icy tundra of Europa. Its inclusion will be greeted with the removal of less popular locations and items in the game. As well as the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, player’s power levels can be increased further, and Season of the Hunt content will also be added too.

No Time to Explain pulse rifle

Based on the “The Stranger’s Rifle” from the original Destiny, the weapon itself is a solid pulse rifle with a slower rate of fire. The gun has some major perks that make it extremely desirable.

  • The weapon refunds precision shots back to the player
  • It creates a temporal orb that hovers around your vicinity

How to obtain it

no time to explain requirements in destiny 2 beyond light
You’ll need to throw yourself, and your money, to get your hands on it.

This nostalgic treasure seems to be locked behind a couple of different special editions of the Beyond Light expansion.

Players will have to purchase either the Destiny 2 Beyond Light Digital Deluxe Edition ($69.99) or Stand Edition + Season Pass ($49.99). Obviously, due to the weapon’s historic nature, Bungie wants this gun to feel special and limited in that regard.

There’s no indication as to whether or not the gun will receive a more inclusive window of attainability further down the road.

With these editions in hand, you’ll need to play through the whole campaign and take out Eramus. Then, talk to the Exo Stranger to get the weapon and a new mission titled Soon. Finish that mission and you’ll get the No Time To Explain exotic catalyst. The catalyst has the Full Auto Trigger System trait, so holding down the fire trigger will shoot it at full auto.

No Time to Explain gun in Destiny 2 Beyond Light
YouTube: Mr. Fruit
This fantastic new exotic will turn you into a rifle-toting space wizard.

In addition to this, No Time to Explain also has more amazing features.

Rewind Again

  • With these intrinsic traits, players’ precision shots and shots that are slowed or frozen by Stasis are returned to the magazine
  • There’s also an ultra-light Fluted Barrel and Accurized Rounds for greater shot distance.
  • Time Slip opens a portal after 10 stacks of Rewind Again, shooting bullets from an alternate timeline of the ongoing events in-game.

Weapons and gear trailer

The weapon was first made public in the Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Weapons and gear trailer.

To see the weapon, and others, in action then check out the video below.

Timestamp at 0:15.

Bungie‘s Destiny 2 Beyond Light is now available for players to sink their teeth into.


Destiny 2: Trials of Osiris delayed again

Published: 28/Nov/2020 17:04 Updated: 28/Nov/2020 17:12

by Julian Young


Despite the new PVE content released in Beyond Light, the Destiny 2 expansion also led to a delay for the game’s top PVP mode: Trials of Osiris. Originally delayed until November 27, Bungie has once again pushed back the activity’s launch in Beyond Light.

The core of the Destiny franchise has always revolved around one thing: the chase for new loot. Since the release of the original Destiny, developer Bungie has aimed to provide players with interesting and powerful gear to grind for.

While the bulk of content in Destiny has always been PVE-related – Strikes, seasonal activities, and Raids – the franchise has maintained a strong PVP player base as well. For those who spend their time in the Crucible, Trials of Osiris is the top-tier activity to look forward to since its reintroduction in Season of the Worthy.

Following the release of Beyond Light, Destiny 2’s pinnacle PVP activity has now seen not one but two separate delays. The game’s community is once again expressing their frustration with Bungie’s handling of the popular 3v3 mode.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Stasis Subclasses
Destiny 2’s new Stasis subclasses have been giving players headaches in PVP.

Trials of Osiris delayed again

With the release of Beyond Light, developer Bungie introduced Stasis subclasses into Destiny 2. While most players enjoy the new Darkness-based abilities, the game’s PVP community has been less than thrilled with the performance of Stasis in the Crucible.

Bungie’s first official response to Stasis in PVP came when the developer announced the original delay of Trials only two days after Beyond Light’s release. Then, on November 27 – the same day that Trials of Osiris was supposed to make its debut in Beyond Light – Bungie once again announced a delay in the mode’s release via their support account on Twitter.

While Bungie community manager dmg04 indicated the delay was due to another Stasis-related issue, players listed off other potential causes including issues with swords in the Crucible, and even a bug that turn players invisible.

Community frustrated with second delay

For some of the Destiny 2 community, patience has run out since the original delay. Many prominent content creators have expressed their frustration regarding Bungie’s handling of Trials in Beyond Light.

Destiny 2 streamers GernaderJake and Gigz, both of whom participate in Trials of Osiris regularly, voiced their concerns with how Bungie is handling the game’s top PVP activity.

GernaderJake stated his belief that there were better ways for Bungie to address the issues instead of simply disabling Trials of Osiris entirely.

Gigz called out the developer for their lack of attention to PVP – something Bungie has specifically mentioned in the past when discussing their design philosophy in regards to the Crucible.

Although many of the responses were negative, some tried to put a more positive spin on things. Destiny 2 YouTuber KackisHD joked that Bungie continues to delay Trials because the game mode’s reward location – The Lighthouse on Mercury – was vaulted when Beyond Light released.

When is Trials coming to Beyond Light?

While Bungie confirmed a return date for Trials of Osiris after the first delay, the developer did not confirm when the mode would make its return in their announcement on November 27.

Players should keep an eye on Bungie’s social media for further updates on the return of Trials.