Destiny 2 Beyond Light DLC Season Pass: Roadmap & Season of the Hunt info

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion is set to arrive on November 10 and with it comes the ‘Season of the Hunt’. Alongside a wealth of new content, this season will lay the foundations for a more cohesive and accessible narrative for returning players going forward.

Originally set to release September 22nd, Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion is finally on the horizon after being delayed until November 10.

As with any expansion, a new season will be released alongside it to push the game’s ongoing narrative forward.

The ‘Season of the Hunt’ promises fresh content as well as significant changes to the accessibility of the game’s narrative.

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Destiny Beyond Light Season Pass: Season of the Hunt roadmap

It’s an exciting time to be Destiny fan as the ‘Season of the Hunt’ roadmap has been released. The Season Pass will continue to provide content for players until February of next year. According to the roadmap, this is what we can expect:

November 10

  • Seasonal Artefact And Reward Track Unlocks
  • Empire Hunt Begins
  • The Glassway Strike Opens

November 10 to January 1

  • Uncover Europa’s Secrets

November 13

  • Adept Weapons Added To Trials

November 17

  • Season Mission Begins
  • Wraithborn Hunts Begin

November 21

December 8

  • First Iron Banner (Free To All Players)

December 15 to January 5

  • The Dawning (Free To All Players)


Season of the Hunt Price

The most price-efficient method of buying both Beyond Light and the Season Pass is in a bundle. Both the Beyond Light expansion and the ‘Season of the Hunt’ can be bought together for $50.

Otherwise, as with any Destiny 2 Season Pass, the ‘Season of the Hunt’ will cost $10 on its own.

An Accessible Narrative

In a recent blog post, Bungie has acknowledged that they have not done enough to preserve the game’s narrative for players who start mid-way through an expansion. To combat this, the ‘Season of the Hunt’ will mark the beginning of a more interconnected and cohesive narrative.

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New and returning players will now be able to go back and experience Season 12 and 13’s narrative, even if they begin playing at the end of the expansion’s cycle of content.

Overall, this feels like a significant change that will allow new and returning players to engage in the narrative. It’s great to see that the ‘Season of the Hunt’ offers new content as well as impactful changes for the future of the game.