Bungie disables Destiny 2 Trials yet again due to new ‘flawless’ exploit

Destiny 2 TrialsBungie

Bungie has disabled Trials once again in Destiny 2 as a result of a new PC exploit allowing players to secure flawless runs without killing a single enemy.

While Trials has long-been Destiny’s premier PVP mode, it’s taken quite some time to find its footing. After months of speculation and a number of delays, the highly competitive playlist finally arrived with Beyond Light. However, countless issues have led to its removal weekend after weekend.

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Now, the popular mode has been disabled in light of one of the more amusing exploits in Destiny history. Players on PC discovered a means of achieving ‘free’ flawless runs. There was no need for kills, no need for intense battles, just a simple path to a perfect record.

With thousands of Fireteams using this trick to their advantage, the mode quickly became redundant. Here’s how it worked while the exploit was live.

Destiny 2 trials gameplayBungie
Trials has had a bumpy ride throughout Destiny 2.

With the ability to join Trials games midway through, PC players discovered a way to game the system. Swapping to different characters in the middle of a match was entirely feasible. As a result, a new method of communication quickly formed.

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All players would need two of their characters ready for a Trials run. Your Warlock might have been used for the flawless run, while your Hunter would have been the ‘burner’ account in this scenario.

Two players on a given Fireteam would run the Hakke emblem to signify they were part of the exploit community. As everyone loaded into the match, players from both teams with the Hakke emblem would quickly message each other on Steam.

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Through these messages, the teams would decide who would win that particular match. If your team was to lose, all players swap over to the burner characters. If your team was to win, all players would remain on their flawless characters.

This method resulted in flawless runs for everyone who became part of the system. There was no challenge involved whatsoever while Trials was live.

While it might not seem like a widespread exploit, ‘TrialsReport’ revealed that “nearly 50%” of Trials players had gone flawless this week.

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“Of the 23,661 flawless PC players, 48% have 0 kills this week,” they explained. “69% have 5 or less [kills].”

There’s currently no telling when Trials will be back in Destiny 2, though PVP players are used to waiting for the mode. From various bugs to critical exploits like this, Trials has barely seen a full weekend of play on PC.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated if Bungie comments on the situation. For now, if you come across a Hakke emblem, you know they were in on the gag that saw Trials removed once again.

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