All Destiny 2: Lightfall Season of Defiance challenges & refresh date

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Season of Defiance

Destiny 2’s Season of Defiance is upon us and introduces some fantastic weekly challenges with even more fantastic loot. Here are all the current Season of Defiance challenges in Destiny 2, as well as when they’ll refresh.

Along with the highly anticipated arrival of the Destiny 2: Lightfall campaign came the Season of Defiance. This season centers on a battle back on Earth, with key characters defending Earth against Shadow Cabal legions. While the story of the season is up at the forefront of the updated Destiny 2, it also comes with some exciting additions.

Along with weapons, currencies, and artifacts, the Season of Defiance also introduced some brand-new weekly challenges with some fantastic rewards. Here’s this week’s Season of Defiance challenges as well as their rewards and refresh time.

All Season of Defiance challenges (Week 1)

Season of Defiance Destiny 2: Lightfall challenges
These challenges will expire weekly so get the rewards as soon as you can.

The Season of Defiance challenges will last throughout the Season of Defiance, and some will even last until the end of the Lightfall expansion next year. However, these offer huge boosts in XP and rewards, so while you are grinding and leveling at the start of the expansion, these are some of the best things you can be doing.

Season ChallengesChallenge DescriptionRewards
Righteous DefianceComplete Defiant Battleground: EDZWar Table Upgrade, 12,500 XP
Awaken, QueensguardComplete week 1 of the ‘We Stand Unbroken’ questWar Table Upgrade, 12,500 XP
Legion’s BountySpend a Defiant Key to earn more rewards after completing a Defiant Battlegrounds playlist activityWar Table Upgrade, 12,500 XP
Silver LiningReach vendor rank 12 with Nimbus in Neomuna50,000 XP
Keycard-OperatedUse Terminal Overload Keys to unlock 2 Terminal Overload Chests in Neomuna25,000 XP
Neptune ActivitiesComplete bounties, patrols, public events and Lost Sectors in Neomuna75 Bright Dust, 25,000 XP
Taking All ChallengesComplete weekly playlist challenges75 Bright Dust, 25,000 XP
Spark DefenderScore 50 points in Rift, earn bonus progress by igniting the Rift75 Bright Dust, 25,000 XP
Anti-Cabal SweepDefeat Cabal in Vanguard playlists or strikes – earn bonus progress by defeating tougher combatants75 Bright Dust, 25,000 XP
Deadly HorizonsCalibrate pulse rifles, bows and trace rifles in Neomuna – earn bonus progress in Lost Sectors.75 Bright Dust, 25,000 XP

When do the Season of Defiance challenges expire?

The game’s weekly Season of Defiance challenges don’t expire until the end of the season, however, to make use of them you’re going to want to keep up with them. That’s especially true as every week, more will be added and it can be tough to keep up. More challenges are added every Tuesday at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET/ 5 pm GMT. This means that the next set of challenges will arrive in Destiny 2: Lightfall at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET/ 5 pm GMT on March 7th.

With that in mind, you’ll need to be quick to complete all the challenges and get their helpful rewards.

So, those are all the current Season of Defiance challenges in Destiny 2: Lightfall. While working to complete them all before the time runs out, take a look at some of our other handy Destiny 2: Lightfall guides and content:

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