How to complete CSGO Operation Broken Fang Week 3 missions

CSGO CT player holding AWP AsiimovValve

Operation Broken Fang is kicking along in CS:GO. If you’re keeping up with the weekly missions, the Week 3 set has just launched. You’re going to have to get your eye in to complete them too, with many of them featuring long range kills.

We’re now a few weeks into Operation Broken Fang, and the new content has certainly been a blessing for CS:GO players. From new maps and game modes to a lick of fresh paint in the form of new gun skins, there’s plenty to dig into.

There’s also a ton of missions you can complete to not only unlock all this content in the in-game shop, but also get that coveted Diamond coin. Here’s what you need to do for the Week 3 Operation Broken Fang missions.

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Operation Broken Fang Challenge Coin in CSGOValve
Haven’t started upgrading your Operation Broken Fang coin? You’ll need to start soon if you want to get Diamond.

CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Week 3 missions

With only 11 stars on offer, you’ll need to complete every mission this week to make full progress towards your Diamond coin. Thankfully, less stars means there should be less trouble in completing them all.

While you’ll need to play four different game modes to tick every mission off the list, they’re not awfully painstaking. If you consider yourself a wizard with the green stick, you can knock these “Rangefinder” missions off with ease.

  • Dangerous At Any Range: Win rounds in Competitive: Ancient.
    • 7 rounds: 1 star
    • 15 rounds: 2 stars
    • 20 rounds: 3 stars
  • Through The Looking Glass: Get 20 kills with any sniper rifle in Guardian: Train. 2 stars.
  • Keep Your Distance: Get kills at a range of at least 15 meters in Deathmatch: Defusla Group Delta.
    • 10 kills: 1 star
    • 20 kills: 2 stars
    • 40 kills: 3 stars
  • Scope The Competition: Get kills with any sniper rifle in Arms Race.
    • 3 kills: 1 star
    • 6 kills: 2 stars
    • 10 kills: 3 stars

If you haven’t started making progress to your Diamond coin, you’re going to have to get in quick. While all the missions ⁠— including Weeks 1 and 2 ⁠— will be active the entire event, you can only earn 10 stars towards your coin every week. With only 16 weeks in the event, and 100 stars needed, you’re going to have to start soon or risk missing out.

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A new set of missions will launch on Dec. 23, so be sure to get in before then.