CSGO streamer completely loses it after spectacular bomb defuse fail

Michael Gwilliam

Spanish Counter-Strike streamer Tense raged hard during a January 29 stream after failing to defuse the bomb in spectacular fashion.

With the bomb armed and Tense’s teammates all killed, the streamer was on a mission to stop it from going off.

It was a two-against-one situation for him with only seconds to spare. After clutching a kill on one of the terrorists with a nice scoped shot, he spotted another off in the distance.

Tense was on a mission to carry his team.

Tense showed off his incredible accuracy to flick onto his target and remove him from the game, leaving him tasked with just defusing the bomb.

With the defuse in progress, it looked like the Spanish streamer had managed to clutch an impressive victory for his team. Unfortunately, he was a fraction of a second too late.

As the green bars were seemingly just about to touch indicating the bomb had been successfully defused, the microseconds began ticking away to literally 00:00:01.

WARNING: The following clip is loud.

For his part, Tense looked anything but. He appeared calm and even put his arm behind his neck in a relaxing position before the unfortunate reality hit him like a tonne of bricks.

“Clear the area!” the in-game voiceover said indicating the bomb was going off. He could not believe it and slammed his fist onto his desk in a fit of rage.

The streamer then started to scream in Spanish with his arms waving around in confusion. Clearly shocked, the Twitch star didn’t even know how to sit and started jumping in his chair.

You hate to see it.

Even when the next round started, he buried his head in his hands in both disbelief and disappointment.

This isn’t the first time Tense has felt the pain of CS:GO. As we reported back in 2018, the streamer smashed his setup after he was kicked and suspended for team killing. The clip soon went viral and was viewed nearly 500,000 times on Twitch alone.

At least this time the streamer controlled himself and didn’t completely destroy his setup.

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