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Car crashes into CSGO player’s house during Twitch stream

Published: 28/Jan/2020 13:43 Updated: 28/Jan/2020 13:54

by Calum Patterson


A CS:GO player was given a major shock as a passing car crashed directly into their building, causing significant damage, as his teammate was streaming the match on Twitch.

While playing a competitive match on Overpass, one of the player’s suddenly stopped playing and could be heard screaming loudly, but from a distance.

As his teammates were left confused at the sudden disturbance, they paused the match to wait on his return. However, the player, known as Stattik in-game, returned on briefly to explain that a driver had crashed into his front door.

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One of the players, Birdehbox, was streaming on Twitch at the time, and caught all of the incident on his channel. At first, he and his squad were left confused as to why their teammate had dipped from the game at a crucial time, but it soon became clear.


“Was that [Stattik] screaming?” one of the players asked. Another responded, “Yeh, I’m pretty sure – I’ve never heard him shout like that, ever, did his mouse just break or something?”

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Rather than his mouse, it was actually his house. “I’m going to have to leave, somebody just hit my house with a car and broke my door down,” he told his teammates upon returning to the mic. “No joke, I’ll send you guys pictures later, like, f**k!”

After being shared to Reddit, an image of the aftermath was also posted. The crash appears to have been at fairly high speed, judging by the extensive damage to the front of the building.


Broken wall of house with bricks on the ground after a car hit CSGO streamer's house
Reddit / Drstattik1
The player later shared this image of the damage done.

According to Stattik, the driver claimed that their “brakes didn’t work”, causing them to veer into the building, but also said that he “doubts” that was true.

He wasn’t able to get any more details from the driver, as “he was put in the back of a cop car immediately because there was a cop patrolling the area and witnessed it happen.”

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The driver apparently had no ID, and the car also did not belong to them, according to Stattik. He also shared a photo of the car itself after the crash, with the police visible in the background.


Car with damage to front and police at the scene
Reddit / Drstattik1
The car was also badly damaged, but the police were on the scene quickly.

Thankfully, no one is believed to have been hurt in the incident, and the driver said they would pay for the damages caused.

As for the CS:GO match, the opponents were kind enough to wait for a substitute, and Stattik’s teammates went on to win the game. Somewhat ironically, their team name was ‘Door Stuckers’, referencing the classic ‘door stuck’ Counter-Strike clip.