Spanish CS:GO Streamer Smashes His Setup After Getting Kicked and Suspended for Team Killing

Getting kicked from a match in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be a frustrating thing, and everyone responds to it differently.

In the case of Spanish streamer ‘TENSE1983,’ his reaction involved the violent smashing of his entire setup live on stream.

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TENSE1983 was playing CS:GO when he appeared to get into a verbal altercation with one of the players on his team, who was not following the instructions he was typing in the game chat.

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Just before choosing to team kill the player, the streamer can be heard saying the following in heavily accented English:

“Green, green, what’s your problem green?! What is your problem? Me say alone ramp, me say alone ramp!”

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He was kicked from the match almost immediately, and a message can be seen at the top of his screen that shows he was given a 30 minute suspension from competitive play.

What proceeded to follow was pure mayhem, as TENSE could not hold back his rage and frustration and smashed his setup to bits. 

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Even the sound of the individual keys of his keyboard falling to the ground can be heard through the bedlam.

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The clip above has since gone viral, accumulating over 142K views on Twitch alone. Noticing how popular his fit of rage was getting, TENSE did tweet humorously about it a day later.

What’s going on? More than 4k of reproductions in less than 24 hours […] more than 60% of the keys flew bynenes you owe me chicuentaynueve [59?] euros xd

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