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xQc explains what Overwatch does to his brain while streaming

Published: 29/Jan/2020 19:28

by Scott Robertson


The former Overwatch pro and current Twitch superstar Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel has one of the most fascinating minds of any streamer, and after he made a mistake during a match, he explained to his chat how his brain operates while trying to play games.

Whether or not you’re a fan of xQc, you have to admit that his streams display an element of interest and uniqueness that no other streamer can replicate. Between his mannerisms and his quick way of speaking, clips from his broadcasts are fascinating to watch.

Although the French-Canadian has taken a step back from competitive Overwatch, he still occasionally plays the game while streaming.


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After getting caught out of position and dropped by the enemy team shortly after being resurrected, he explained to chat what was going through his mind that caused him to lose focus.

“I have this thing in my brain that happens all the time,” he told the chat. “I think about something and all my focus goes on it, and it’s irrelevant!” He also provided an example of what he means.

“I’ll think about wood, table, then tree, leaf, then water, water inside leaves, and I start visualizing inside my head,” he continued. “Doesn’t have anything to do with streaming or Overwatch, like it has no link at all! Why am I even here in my head?”


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After explaining this, however, he immediately focused up on playing Zarya, and the former pro tank helped his team capture the point and claim the victory. After the win, he went back to describing his thought processes to his audience.

“It’s some absolute random thought that pops [up,] and you go down the rabbit hole,” he claimed. “I’m thinking about a car, then metal, but then how do they make metal? Probably in one of those pressing machines, but where do they mine from? Probably from a mine, but who does it? Some guy? It goes down and down and down and it never stops.”


Several armchair doctors in the chat and on reddit were quick to immediately diagnose this as ADHD, but xQc didn’t pay them any attention.

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This isn’t even the first time this week someone has assumed he has a neurological disorder, after he snapped on a Fortnite teammate for asking if he had Tourette’s.

A trademark of an xQc stream is that he will speak loosely and without a filter. His humorous explanation of his thought process while streaming and playing games gives a lot of insight to his beloved antics that have helped make him a star on the Twitch platform.