Best CS2 binds & how to use the Console in Counter-Strike 2

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Keybinds can be used in Counter-Strike 2 to make for quick and easy in-game actions, everything from dropping the bomb to zooming the radar. These are the best CS2 binds to use.

Counter-Strike 2, like CS:GO before it, allows you to customize your experience heavily. One of the simplest but most effective ways to do this is through the use of unique keybinds.

Using binds can even be crucial to gameplay, such as having a jump throw bind. Others can just be quick and quirky such as an instant bomb drop bind.

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Here’s how you can add binds to CS2, and the best keybinds to use.


How to add keybinds and use console in CS2

The developer console isn’t enabled automatically in CS2, so you’ll first need to enable it in game settings.

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘Game Settings’
  3. Go to ‘Enable Developer Console’ and choose ‘Yes.’ (see image below)
  4. You will now be able to open the console using

To add binds, you’ll need to type: bind [key] “[action]”. See below for examples of the best CS2 binds.

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Best CS2 keybinds

In order to maximize your head-popping potential, we’ve listed all of the best CS2 keybinds for you to implement in-game.

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Below are our recommended keybinds, the code to activate them, and why they’re useful:

KeybindKeyConsole CodeAction
Drop BombBbind b “use weapon_knife; use weapon_c4; drop; slot1”Instantly drops bomb
Grenade BindsZ – Molotov

C – Flash

X – Smoke

V – Frag
bind z “use weapon_molotov;use weapon_incgrenade”;bind x “use weapon_smokegrenade”;bind c “use weapon_flashbang”;bind V “use weapon_hegrenade”Binds nades to individual keys for easy access. You can use whatever keys you like, but these should work.
Mousewheel JumpScrollwheelbind mwheelup +jump;bind mwheeldown +jump;bind space +jumpBinds jumping to the scroll wheel on your mouse, making bunnyhopping more viable.
Nade Lineup Crosshair4bind 1 “slot1 ; cl_crosshairsize 3”; bind 2 “slot2 ; cl_crosshairsize 3”; bind 3 “slot3 ; cl_crosshairsize 3”; bind 4 “slot8 ; cl_crosshairsize 1000”Expands your crosshair to fullscreen. “3” in the code must be replaced with your crosshair’s size.
QuickswitchQalias +qsw “slot3”;alias -qsw “lastinv”;bind “Q” +qswQuickly switches between primary weapon and knife
Zoom RadarObind O “incrementvar cl_radar_scale 0 1 0.25”Toggles full radar view to see the whole map
Walking VolumeSHIFTalias +incvol “incrementvar volume 0 2 0.5;+sprint”;alias -incvol “incrementvar volume 0 2 -0.5;-sprint”;bind SHIFT +incvolIncreases volume when you are walking to hear enemies better
Mute allJbind j “toggle voice_modenable 1 0”Mutes teammates
noclipPbind P “sv_cheats 1; noclip”In practice server, allows you to fly around the map

Sadly, some keybinds that were popular in CS:GO are no longer possible in CS2, such as switching which hand your weapon is in, with CS2 locked to right hand view.

If Valve updates this and allows more of the binds from CS:GO, we’ll update this article with how to add them. In The meantime, check out our other CS2 guides:

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