Overwatch cosplayer always hits her mark as seductive Widowmaker

overwatch widowmaker cosplay imageMikomi Hokina, Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s resident villainess and sniper magnifique Widowmaker has inspired cosplayers across the globe, but this cosplay snipes the competition in style.

Overwatch’s Talon sniper and spider queen, Widowmaker, is the literal definition of femme fatale. Oozing seduction, the deadly one-shot-wonder is a cosplayer’s dream.

We’ve seen one artist perfectly recreate the villainess’ iconic sniper rifle, while another chose to strut her stuff in the character’s Pale Serpent Lunar New Year skin.

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In an equally laborious process to her colleagues, Belgian cosplayer Mikomi Hokina has brought the character to life with her stunning cosplay, and it’ll blow your mind (not literally, thankfully.)

overwatch widowmaker with sniper rifle smirking at cameraBlizzard Entertainment
Widowmaker is here all right.

Overwatch Widowmaker cosplay snipes the competition

Telling Dexerto that she “decided to go for an Overwatch cosplay because it’s a game that my cousins play a lot and we’re rather close,” she decided on an Overwatch cosplay as “they know I’m a cosplayer and this is a good choice for some super awesome fanservice for them!”

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Opting for the Talon terror was an easy choice, as she describes Widowmaker as “simply amazing. From the design, the personality, to the complexity of the outfit, she is stunning. I love powerful characters, and she really has that lone bada** vibe that I cannot get enough of!”

Plowing over 300 hours for work into the outfit, describing it as a “straight up 9/10 for me in terms of difficulty,” she notes that “it’s an ambitious one because regardless of the appearance. While there isn’t a LOT of big impressive armor parts, there is a lot of work and steps involved that you may not see at first. Many people neglect the bodypaint aspect too, which took about 6h every time I had it done” – and that was with the help of friend and MUA, Valeria Cosaria!

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The results, however, are absolute perfection. From that spectacular ebony ponytail snaking down her back, to her icy blue skin and veiny tattoos, literally every detail mirrors Blizzard’s original design. Sporting that iconic violet jumpsuit and, of course, the French sharpshooter’s Widow’s Kiss rife, we can’t get enough of Mikomi’s Widowmaker.


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While a full breakdown of the cosplay process will be dropping soon, she gave Dexerto a window into everything that went down behind the scenes. Calling the visor and rifle the “toughest part” of the cosplay, she states “the Gun is clearly what took the most time. About 200 hours of 3D printing, straight up 50 hours of sanding the pieces, glueing them together with double part epoxy, sanding again, countless layers of primer, painting and varnishing.

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“The result is extremely satisfying, and if I dare say, the best prop I have ever built? It weighs 7kg total and can be placed into Rifle mode OR Sniper mode! The barrel extends, the shrouds open, the scope snaps in place. It’s a very modular weapon allowing for a great surprising effect!”

Continuing on to Widow’s iconic visor, she notes that “the headpiece was also 3D printed. Gems were moulded with colorant and epoxy resin. Two alligator pinches are glued to attach it onto the wig.”

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Both pieces are shown off in this stunning photo by MH Photography.

This begs the question, however: will we see more Overwatch cosplays? While Mikomi has already taken to the streets as Ashe, D.Va, and Mercy, she has plans for a few more Blizzard-inspired pieces.

Tracer and Brigitte have already been shot, so those will be coming out in December 2021 and January 2022! I’m hyped to showcase them!”

Considering this spectacular rendition of Widowmaker, we can’t wait to see Mikomi’s spin on both Tracer and Brig – especially the latter as she’s a stark contrast to anything we’ve seen before! Until then, though, keep your eyes peeled for a few more images of the French sniper queen on Mikomi’s Twitter!

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