Overwatch cosplayer hits a bullseye as feisty gunslinger Ashe

ashe-overwatch-cosplayBlizzard / Instagram: @Denzhy

Denzhy, a popular cosplayer from the Netherlands, took her game to the next level by stepping into the boots of Ashe, one of the most notorious criminals in the Overwatch universe.

While Overwatch 2 still remains a distant hope, cosplayers are keeping the hype alive with some great designs. Some love dressing up as original characters like Mercy, D.Va, and Tracer, but Ashe is one that has boomed in popularity.

She’s one of the Overwatch heroes that keeps popping up time and time again, and the cosplayers who do it never disappoint.

Ashe summons BOBBlizzard Entertainment
Ashe is a beloved Overwatch character despite her cold-blooded ways.

Denzhy has wowed us in the past with her phenomenal take on K/DA Akali from League of Legends. Now she’s done it again as Ashe, and the quality of the transformation speaks of itself.

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Every little detail is on point, from the hat, leather-clad outfit, and realistic-looking props to the silver hair and ruby red lipstick.

If you sift through the comments, you’ll see fans describe it as amazing, badass, incredible, magnificent, which sums it up perfectly. One even claimed they thought it was a game render at first glance.

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Denzhy has already amassed a strong following on social media, and her fantastic Ashe cosplay is bound to win her some new fans.

As for what she’s got planned next, we’ll have to wait and see. If we’re lucky, maybe she’ll have a crack at another Overwatch hero.

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