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Overwatch cosplayer spent 250hrs to recreate Widowmaker’s sniper perfectly

Published: 15/Oct/2021 17:17 Updated: 15/Oct/2021 18:03

by Lawrence Scotti


Cosplayer Mikomi Hokina went viral for their lifesized recreation of Widowmakers Sniper, which they say took 250 hours to complete.

Widowmaker has become one of the more popular characters from Overwatch to cosplay as.

Her massive sniper rifle and wide array of skins to choose from gives cosplayers many angles to tackle her iconic look.

When Mikomi Hokina, a dedicated cosplayer and massive Overwatch fan, wanted to take her Widowmaker cosplay to the next level, she created an incredible replica of the French assassin’s sniper rifle that took an insane amount of time and patience.

Widowmaker in Overwatch 2's Gothenberg map
Blizzard Entertainment
Widowmaker’s sniper rifle is the most iconic part of her character’s kit.

Widowmaker’s sniper rifle recreated

Mikomi’s post on the official Overwatch Reddit went viral, notching over 6,000 upvotes in just a few days.


The clip she attached to her post shows off her incredible recreation of Widowmaker’s sniper, which is nearly as big as she is. She captioned the post, “After about 250h total needed to print/sand/assemble/sand/prime/paint/varnish, I can proudly say that my Widowmaker Rifle/Sniper is FINISHED!”

A rack of other weapons she’s created for her cosplays can be seen behind her, showing just how dedicated she is to her craft.

She documented her journey creating the rifle on her Twitter page, where a better up-close view of the gun shows just how many little details are packed in.


Although she hasn’t done a full Widowmaker cosplay yet, she says one is in the works, and will certainly be a spectacular look.

In a follow-up reply tweet, she called the rifle the “best thing I ever built.”