Cosplayer turns heads with impressive K/DA Akali cosplay

Riot Games

K/DA’s Pop/Stars, perhaps more than any of Riot’s other League of Legends inspired music projects, has become the anthem for players around the world. Now, one cosplayer has done a perfect rendition of Akali, the group’s K-Pop rapper, for the world to feast their eyes on.

Denzhy Cosplay has taken one of the most iconic parts of League of Legends in the past two years and brought it to life. 

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Her post on r/cosplay states that she “finally managed to get the wig right,” and it’s clear to see why it might be difficult. Akali’s hair stands at some unique, anime-inspired angles, and has an attractive color to boot in her K/DA variant. 

“I still love the POP/STARS song so much!” Denzhy said on Instagram. “ Everything came together in this cosplay: my love for music and performing, my gamer side, my favorite colors… it’s perfect!”

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Her next project involving Akali? She’s going to continue the music-inspired trend by cosplaying as True Damage Akali, who made her debut during an impressive opening ceremony at the 2019 League of Legends World Championships.

K/DA’s Pop/Stars remains one of the most popular League of Legends videos on YouTube, with over 286 million views as of this writing.

It also managed to maintain a number one ranking on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart at the time, beating out songs from artists like BTS. This is no easy feat as BTS are one of the most popular boy-bands in the world.  

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Denzhy has done lots of other cosplays too, including Spider-Man, where she’s cosplayed as Mary Jane both pining after Peter Parker and in a Spider-Woman outfit, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, as well as various Fate characters. 

Denzhy will certainly be a cosplayer to keep an eye on as 2020 approaches if this impressive entry is anything to judge by.

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