Overwatch cosplayer nerfs the competition as bewitching D.Va - Dexerto

Overwatch cosplayer nerfs the competition as bewitching D.Va

Published: 24/Nov/2021 16:23

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch’s D.Va is not only a popular pick for tank mains, but she’s also a fan favorite within the cosplay community, and one cosplayer is set to shoot for a new high score as the Korean idol.

As Overwatch’s artistic community continues to devise weird and wonderful skin concepts for the game’s characters, it looks like the cosplay sphere are determined not to be outdone.

We’ve seen some spectacular renditions of the Deadlock Gang’s sharpshooter, Ashe, as well as an insanely detailed recreation of the particularly nasty sniper rifle wielded by Talon’s resident spider queen, Widowmaker.


Russian model and cosplayer YuuGray (Valeria)’s adorable D.Va cosplay, though, has to be one of our absolute favorites.

overwatch's d.va out of MEKA with bunny blaster
Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va is as mischievous as she is fierce.

Overwatch D.Va cosplay stuns fans

Telling Dexerto that she has “been playing the game for a long time,” and that she wanted to ‘make her favorite character,” it’s clear that D.Va was the only choice for Valeria.

“This character really touched me,” she confesses. “I love everything from her weapons to her costume. She looks cute and sexy at the same time.”

Embodying D.Va’s feminine mystique, she’s seen framed by a black background splattered with neon embellishments. Sporting the Korean tank’s iconic blue and purple jumpsuit, the white rabbit in centre glows with an ominous ultraviolet hue.


Her flowing brown hair is tucked over her shoulder, with her cat-inspired makeup is smudged from detonating her MEKA in the heart of the battlefield. Overall, Valeria’s take is more rugged that the perfectly poised esports star we see in-game, and it makes D.Va feel more deadly than ever.


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With one commenter noting that they “thought it was art,” it’s pretty clear that YuuGray’s D.Va has absolutely stunned the competition – and it turns out she might not be stopping here.

Telling Dexerto that “perhaps [she] will make Tracer,” it seems like the wave of fans saying she’d “do great” as the spunky Englishwoman may get what they’ve wished for! Either way, we can’t wait to see which character she chooses to embody next.