Monster Hunter cosplayer joins the fight with real Nergigante Dual Blades

Monster Hunter cosplayer next to a NergiganteCapcom / Instagram: kamuicosplay

With Monster Hunter Rise now available for fans to carve their way through, popular cosplayer Svetlanda ‘kamui’ Quindt has crafted her very own weapons and armor out of Nergigante bones.

For Monster Hunter players around the world, there’s nothing quite like diving into a new release. Building your way up from tiny battles to huge encounters with the biggest foes is what it’s all about.

With Monster Hunter Rise being one of the best entries in the series, everyone is jumping back in for some more adventures.

Among the most challenging foes in the new release will be familiar for anyone that’s dabbled in the franchise before. Fighting a Nergigante is one of the more difficult encounters in the game.

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When you’re able to come out on top, the rewards are worth the hassle. Though collecting enough materials for a full set is a huge task. Before tackling the in-game challenge, kamuicosplay decided to make a real Nergigante set and the results are staggering.


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The Nergigante Alpha set requires a remarkable amount of resources to craft. Doing the armor justice, the popular German cosplayer paid attention to every little detail. From her custom helm to spiky vambraces, the design is a split image of the female set.

Not only that, but she came equipped for battle as well. Maintaining the Nergigante theme, her weapon of choice was a set of Dual Blades, otherwise known as Decimation Claws at one of the highest tiers.

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What started as a sketch quickly turned into a lightweight 3D model thanks to some handy EVA foam.

Stuck together in the perfect shapes and sizes, the blades were then polished and painted with immaculate attention to detail. What looks like a bulky and heavy weapon is actually surprisingly light thanks to her creative build.

While Monster Hunter Rise introduced Palamutes, the cosplayer posed with her fearsome corgis to make things even more fitting.

Nergigante might offer a challenging fight in-game, but kamui was more than up to the task of recreating a full high-tier set in the real world. It stands out as one of the more intricate cosplays you’re likely to see around the game’s release.

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If you’re looking for some help putting your own armor together in-game, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to brush up on our guide of the best sets in Monster Hunter Rise.