Monster Hunter Rise best armor sets: Skills, low and high rank armor

Monster Hunter Rise armorCapcom

Monster Hunter Rise features over 100 armor sets for players to craft, but which ones have the best skills? 

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the best entries in Capcom’s monster-slaying saga to date thanks to its huge roster of monsters, new movement mechanics, and countless weapon and armor customization features. However, the sheer amount of armor variety can prove rather daunting, particularly when you’re looking to craft the best armor sets. 

While every armor set in Monster Hunter Rise is usable, there are few that really stand out thanks to their fantastic armor skills and cool-looking designs. Whether you’re just starting out on your beast-slaying adventure or you’re a veteran hunter working their way through the game’s online Hub, then our Low Rank and High Rank armor list has you covered. 

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All Low Rank Armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Low Rank armor Capcom
Barioth is one of the best low rank armor sets in the game.

There are 56 Low Rank armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise and while they may not be as useful as their High Rank counterparts, they do offer some fairly decent skills. You can see all the Low Rank armor sets below: 

  • Aknosom Set
  • Alloy 
  • Almudron
  • Anja
  •  Arzuros 
  • Baggi 
  • Barioth 
  • Barroth 
  • Basarios 
  • Bishaten 
  • Bnahabra
  • Bone 
  • Bullfango
  •  Chainmail
  • Channeler 
  • Chaos 
  • Death Stench
  • Diablos
  • Droth
  • Gargwa 
  • Goss Harag
  • Hunter Set
  • Ingot
  •  Izuchi 
  • Jaggi Mask
  • Jaggi 
  • Jelly 
  • Kadachi
  • Khezu
  • Kulu
  •  Lagombi
  •  Leather
  • Ludroth 
  • Makluva 
  • Medium 
  • Melahoa
  • Mizutsune
  • Mosgharl 
  • Nargacuga
  • Pukei
  • Rathalos 
  • Rathian 
  • Remobra 
  • Rhenoplos
  • Rhopessa 
  • Shell-Studded
  • Sinister 
  • Skull
  • Slagtoth 
  • Somnacanth
  • Tetranadon 
  • Tigrex
  • Uroktor 
  • Volvidon
  • Wroggi 
  • Zinogre

All High Rank Monster Hunter Rise armor sets

Monster Hunter Rise armor setsCapcom
High Rank sets have the best armor skills in Rise.

There are a total of 50 High Rank armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise. Not only do these sets offer a lot more defense, but they also come packed with even better skills than their Low Rank versions. 

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If you plan on farming the game’s most difficult end-game monsters, then you’ll want to craft a number of the High Rank armor sets below: 

  • Aknosom S
  • Alloy S
  • Almudron S
  • Arzuros S
  • Baggi S
  • Barioth S
  • Basarios S
  • Bnahabra S
  • Bishaten S
  • Bone S
  • Chainmail S
  • Ammo/Coatings
  • Healing/Support
  • Chrome Metal
  • Diablos S
  • Dober
  • Droth S
  • Edel S
  • Gross Harag
  • Hunter S
  • Ibushi
  • Ingot S
  • Izuchi S
  • Jaggi Mask S
  • Jaggi S
  • Jyura
  • Kamura S
  • Khezu S
  • Leather S
  • Makluva S
  • Medium S
  • Melahoa S
  • Mitzutsune S
  • Nargacuga S
  • Narwa
  • Pukei S
  • Radna-Kadaki
  • Rathalos S
  • Rathian S
  • Remobra
  • Rhopessa S
  • Shell-Studded S
  • Sinister S
  • Skull S
  • Slagtoth
  • Somnacanth S
  • Spio S
  • Vaik S
  • Volvidon S
  • Zinogre

Best Armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise armor setsCapcom
You’ll need a decent armor set if you wish to survive Rise’s end-game content.

While every armor set in Monster Hunter Rise is perfectly viable in its own right, the very best sets have armor skills that greatly bolster your damage. Of course, you’ll want to choose armor skills that complement your playstyle and weapon choice. 

However, there are few sets that have some incredibly useful skills no matter what weapon you use.

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Zinogre S armor set (High Rank)

Zinogre Monster Hunter Rise armorCapcom
Zinogre’s armor works well in every mixed set.

Zinogre S Armor Skills

  • Latent Power x5
  • Critical Eye x1
  • Weakness Exploit x1
  • Constitution x3

The Zinogre S set features some incredibly potent damage-based skills. First up, is Critical Eye, which increases the affinity (Critical Chance) of your weapon. Zinogre S may only come with one level of Critical Eye, but this 5% increase can be boosted further when it’s mixed with other armor sets and weapons with natural affinity.

If this added crit chance wasn’t enough, then the Latent Power armor skill takes it to a whole other level. Latent Power temporarily increases affinity and reduces stamina depletion when you take damage or a set amount of time passes. When the 4x Latent Power armor skill activates, you’ll get a whopping 50% affinity increase and 50% stamina reduction.

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There’s also the added bonus of Weakness Exploit, which increases weapon affinity whenever you hit a monster’s weak part. Essentially this set is all about maximizing the damage you deal when hunting.

Rathalos S armor set (High Rank)

Monster Hunter Rise Rathalos armorCapcom
The added attack increase from Rathalos S is particularly potent.

Rathalos S armor skills

  • Attack Boost x7
  • Partbreaker x3
  • Windproof x2

Monster Hunter Rise wouldn’t be the same without Capcom’s poster boy joining the hunt. While the King of the Skies has been featured in every Monster Hunter game to date, he’s still one of the most iconic monsters in the Monster Hunter series.

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Rathalos armor has always been a fundamental part of many mid to late-game mixed sets and things don’t change in Rise. In fact, Rathalos S offers some of the best damage-based armor skills in the game.

The main focus here is the Attack Boost armor skill, which as the name suggests, increases your hunter’s attack. This flat damage boosting skill increases your attack by 10% and gives you an additional +10 bonus. Even if you decide not to wear the full set, Rathalos armor can be easily mixed with other armor sets, allowing for some incredibly diverse armor mixes.

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Partbreaker also makes it easier to break monster parts, so if you’re after those pesky Rubies and Plates, then you’ll definitely want to use this skill.

Sinister S armor set (High Rank)

Magnamlo armor Monster Hunter RiseCapcom
The Sinister S set is just as potent as Magnamlo himself.

Sinister S armor skills

  • Resentment x3
  • Handicraft x2
  • Flinch Free x2
  • Hellfire Cloak x4

The last addition on our best Monster Hunter Rise armor list is that of the Sinister S set. This demonic armor is made from Rise’s very own flagship monster, Magnamalo. The malice-filled monster is known for its incredible power and hellfire ability, which triggers explosions whenever it connects with its enemies.

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This same explosive effect is granted from the Sinister S armor set – in the form of the Hellfire Cloak armor skill. Hellfire Cloak grants hellfire resistance and adds explosive hellfire power to your attacks, making them even more deadly.

If that wasn’t enough, the Resentment skill also increases your attack whenever you have recoverable damage. Meanwhile, the 3x levels of Handicraft extend your weapon’s sharpness, meaning you can effortlessly cut through even the toughest hides without bouncing and having to constantly use whetstones.

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So, there you have it, every armor set currently available in Monster Hunter Rise. Make sure you check out our Monster Hunter Rise review and our dedicated hub for all the latest guides.