Monster Hunter Rise: Where to get Machalite Ore, Icium, Warm Pelt, more

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From Machalite Ore to Icium, Monster Hunter Rise is filled with all kinds of crafting items, but knowing where to find them can be tricky. 

While Monster Hunter Rise features a whopping 61 monsters, you won’t get very far if you don’t upgrade your weapons and armor. However, in order to get your hands on the most powerful equipment, you’ll need to locate the game’s various crafting items. Whether it’s finding more Machalite Ore for your next Great Sword upgrade or locating the elusive Eroded Skelton item, we have you covered. 

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After all, knowing where to find the most useful items in Monster Hunter Rise can take a while, especially if you’re new to the series. To help save you time and avoid any frustrating expeditions, be sure to check out our Monster Hunter Rise item locations list. 

Where to find Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise?

Machalite OreCapcom
Machalite Ore is incredibly common.

Machalite Ore is used in a lot of crafting recipes, particularly in Monster Hunter Rise’s early-game weapon upgrades. This makes it one of the most important materials, but finding it can prove a little tricky, especially if you need a lot of it.

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Machalite Ore can be found by mining the blue and grey rocks in the following areas:

  • Sandy Plains (Low Rank)
  • Flooded Forest (Low Rank)
  • Lava Caverns (Low Rank)

Where to find Icium in Monster Hunter Rise?

Icium MH RiseCapcom
Icium can be found in the Frost Islands.

Icium is commonly used to craft weapons from the Iron tree, while also serving as a core component in both Barioth and Goss Harag armor sets. Just like Machalite Ore, Icium can be farmed from the blue and grey outcrops. 

Icium is located in the following area: 

  • Frost Islands (Low Rank)

Where to find Warm Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise?

MH Rise Warm PeltCapcom
Farming Anteka is your best bet.

In order to get Warm Pelt, you’ll need to first track down and kill some Kelbi and Anteka. These docile creatures have a 45% and 32% chance of dropping Warm Pelt when carved. Warm Pelt can be found in the following locations: 

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  • Shrine Ruins
  • Sandy Plains
  • Flooded Forest
  • Frost Islands

Where to find Big Fin in Monster Hunter Rise?

Big Fin MH RiseCapcom
Catch Delex can prove a little tricky.

If you plan on making any armor from the Barroth or Mizutsune tree, then you’ll need to get your hands on a Big Fin. This item has a 45% chance of dropping from Delex – desert-dwelling fish that dive beneath the sandy dunes. 

Big Fins can be obtained from:

  • Sandy Plains (Low Rank)

Where to find Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise?

Dragonite Ore MH RiseCapcom
Dragonite Ore is much tougher than Machalite Ore.

Dragonite Ore is much superior to that of Rise’s humble Machalite Ore. However, obtaining it is just as easy. This green ore can be obtained by mining the grey and blue rocks in the following area: 

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  • Lava Caverns (Low Rank)

Where to find Rock Lizards in Monster Hunter Rise?

MH Rise Rock LizardsCapcom
Rock Lizards are essential when you need to upgrade your armor.

Rock Lizards are some of the most useful Endemic lifeforms that inhabit Monster Hunter Rise’s locales as they drop Armor Spheres. This resource is needed to increase the defense of your favorite armor sets. 

Hunters will also need to take a picture of a Rock Lizard in order to complete the Kamura Village Endemic Life request. Here’s where you can find this all-important critter:

  • Shrine Ruins
  • Sandy Plains
  • Lava Caverns
  • Frost Islands
  • Flooded Forest

Where to find Boatshells in Monster Hunter Rise?

MH Rise BoatshellCapcom
Look out for these small rock clusters when trekking through the Frost Islands.

Boatshells are an Account Item that will net hunters with Kamura Points upon gathering. Kamura Points can be used to purchase food from the Canteen, obtain resources from the Argosy trader, send out your Meowcenaries, and purchase items from the Argosy shop. 

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Boatshells are also needed to complete the Cultural Exchange request – a quest that will need to be completed if you wish to unlock another submarine. 

Boatshells can be found in the following locales:

  • Frost Islands in areas: 4, 7, 8, 10.

Where to find Wisplantern in Monster Hunter Rise?

Wisplantern MH RiseCapcom
Wisplanterns can be harvest from these red plants.

Wisplanterns are another Account Item that hunters will need in order to complete the Cultural Exchange request. You can find Wisplanterns by interacting with the Shimmering Red Berry gathering nodes in the following locale:

  • Shrine Ruins near the camp in areas: 1, 7, 10, 11, 13.

Where to find Meaty Hide in Monster Hunter Rise?

MH Rise Meaty HideCapcom
Zamite first appeared in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

This sturdy monster material can be carved from the Zamite that roam across the Frost Islands. Zamite previously made an appearance in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, but you need to slay them in Rise if you wish to make the Barioth and Goss Harag set. 

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Fortunately, Meaty Hid has a 38% chance of dropping from each Zamite. You can find these cold-loving creatures in the following areas:

  • Frost Islands (Low Rank) in areas: 7, 8, 11.

Where to find Eroded Skeleton in Monster Hunter Rise?

MH Rise Eroded SkeletonCapcom
These old bones don’t take long to find.

Eroded Skeleton pieces are used to forge the powerful Jawblade Great Sword and Bone armor set. Unlike ordinary bones, Eroded Skeletons can only be found in one locale – this being the Sandy Plains. 

Make sure you rummage around the bone piles in the following locations:

  • Sandy Plains (Low Rank) in areas: 1, 4, 5,  8, 9, 12.

So, there you have, that’s where you can find Machalite Ore, Icium, Warm Pelt, and much more in Monster Hunter Rise. For all the latest Monster Hunter Rise guides and news, be sure to check out our Monster Hunter hub

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