Diablo cosplayer rallies the heavens as angelic Auriel

diablo auriel next to blond girlBlizzard Entertainment, danii_marvelous

Diablo’s Auriel is one of the devilish franchise’s most beloved characters, and this cosplayer has recreated her to bring some light to the darkened plains of Sanctuary. 

While the majestic Tyrael and fearsome Diablo are often the first characters that spring to mind when you think of Blizzard’s hack and slash dungeon crawler, the Archangel of Hope, Auriel, has very much cemented her place within the hearts of the fanbase.

Rallying the heavens in their time of need, Auriel’s purity has enchanted cosplayers across Sanctuary, with several artists seeking to recreate her angelic likeness.

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One of these talented cosplayers is Danii, whose spectacular rendition of heaven’s sweetheart will have fans in awe.

Diablo illustrated angel raises her hands to heavenBlizzard Entertainment
Diablo’s Auriel is the light in a world plagued by darkness.

Diablo Auriel cosplay is an absolute showstopper

Choosing to cosplay Auriel because it was “love at first sight,” Danii told Dexerto that “it was a dream to build a bigger cosplay with wings, so Auriel was in the back of my head for a while.

“I instantly knew that this was the character for my first full body armor. The colors are so beautiful, I love how the blue and the gold match perfectly together. Oh, and did I mention that it has wings?!”

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Noting that the process took “around 300 – 350 hours from start to finish,” she debuted her heavenly cosplay at Fantasy Basel 2021.

The work clearly paid off, as every single detail perfectly mirrors the character. From that dusky golden armor with its sky blue trim, to those ghostly aqua wings that are so unique to Diablo’s angels, you’d be forgiven if you assumed this was an in-game image of Auriel.


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It’s likely that her Diablo cosplay journey doesn’t end here, though, but her plans are to trade in her halo for some fearsome demonic horns – literally.

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“I’ve been thinking about Lilith for a while now,” she confesses. “I guess I will make that cosplay happen someday. But who knows, maybe I will fall in love with a new character in Diablo 4.”

Whether it’s illuminating the darkness or tearing down the light, we can’t wait to see Danii’s next Diablo cosplay, but we’d be lying if we said that a cosplay of the Daughter of Hatred didn’t pique our interest…

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