Bleach cosplayer masters the art of assassination as 2nd Division Captain Soifon

Bleach Cosplay SoifonViz Media / Twitter: Lonewolf_98

A skilled Bleach cosplayer amazed fans with her spectacular transformation into 2nd Division Captain Soifion, the short and deadly master assassin, and even included her Bankai.

It’s been a while since Bleach was on top of the anime charts. However, the beloved show and its interesting mix of characters are still a smash hit in the co-play community’s hearts and minds.

But while cosplayers love dressing up as main characters like Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki, you’ll often see them show supporting characters like Nelliel Tu some love as well.

However, this time, a Japanese cosplayer named Lonewolf_98 decided to dress up as Soifon.

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Bleach Cosplay SoifonViz Media
Soiifon is one of the strongest Soul Reapers in the Bleach universe.

Soifon is first introduced as Soul Society’s 2nd Division Captain in Episode 24. She is a master assassin with a defensive fighting style and one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the series.

However, she’s also an expert with the sword, and her Zanpakutō ability lets her kill any opponent if she strikes them in the same spot twice. Her Bankai, which transforms her sword into a golden missile launcher, is even deadlier.

Lonewolf brought her to life, complete with the Shinigami Captain Uniform, traditional shoes with white socks, and short black hair tied into two long braids using a white cloth. 

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Her re-creation of the Bankai is most impressive. It looks like a giant golden pencil almost twice her size, which is an exact replica of the one in the show. 

It’s a perfect cosplay from top to bottom, and it’s been getting thousands of well-deserved likes on all social media platforms.

A quick search on Lonewolf_98’s profile reveals she’s a massive Bleach fan, and her passion shines through in all the cosplays she’s done.