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Bleach cosplayer flash-freezes the competition as ice-cold Rukia Kuchiki

Published: 8/Nov/2020 4:04

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Bleach fans love Rukia Kuchiki for her blunt and level-headed personality, but one cosplayer has gone above and beyond to bring her to life in the most incredible way.

Rukia Kuchiki is the first character introduced in Bleach, and the one responsible for awakening Ichigo Kurosaki’s soul-reaper powers. It happened after she transferred her own to save him from a Hollow.

It’s an action that lands her in hot water with her own kind, which kick-starts one of the all-time greatest anime and manga arcs.

Rukia Kuchiki is one of the most adored characters in the storyline. She has plenty of hilarious and heart-warming moments as her friendship with Ichigo Kurosaki grows. She also becomes a formidable ally, with many strengths and few weaknesses.

Bleach Rukia Kuchiki Cosplay
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Rukia Kuchiki plays an important role in Bleach right out of the gate.

A cosplayer named Alexandra Golod, better known as Latte_French on Instagram, froze the hearts of her followers after she slipped into a soul-reaper kimono and brought Rukia Kuchiki into existence.

It’s one of her many amazing cosplays, but it really stood out.


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Alexandra’s cosplay gets everything right, from the hair and outfit to the katana and pose. However, what makes it even better is the life-like background and the awesome effect of her soul-slayer.

Rukia Kuchiki’s soul-slayer is called Sode no Shirayuki, and when she tells it to dance, it comes to life and lets her perform a series of ice-based abilities.

This picture alone would have been impressive enough. However, she posted another one several days later. But this time, she cosplayed Rukia Kuchiki in a captain’s uniform, which happens much later in the story.


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The level of detail is impressive from head to toe. The white captain’s robe stands out the most, but even the sandals look like the real deal. Again, the after-effects and the background are a nice touch as well.

Alexandra Golod absolutely nailed her re-creation of Rukia Kuchiki. It’s no surprise that she also happens to be her favorite Bleach character. The passion and adoration really shine through.

There’s something special about paying respects to dedicated cosplayers and acknowledging them for their incredible efforts, and Alexandra Golod deserves all the praise. 


Demon Slayer cosplayer transforms into beautiful butterfly Shinobu Kocho

Published: 29/Nov/2020 13:10

by Andrew Amos


Shinobu Kocho might look innocent from afar, but if you’re a demon and you get too close, you’ll see the deadly side of the butterfly. She’s a popular Demon Slayer character to cosplay, but ‘aka_purin’ has truly put together one of the most beautiful designs yet.

Shinobu Kocho is a fan-favorite in Demon Slayer, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does the Demon Corps member possess incredible powers to heal friends and harm demons, but she is one of the most beautiful characters in the show.

Her personality is a difficult one to channel though. While she’s seemingly innocent on the outside, deep inside of her, there’s a rebellious rage to get revenge.

Demon Slayer Cosplay Shinobu Kocho
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Shinobu Kocho is a dazzling and powerful Demon Slayer.

It’s one thing to make a cosplay, put it on, and take a picture. It’s another thing to really channel what a character is all about, and that’s what sets ‘aka_purin’ apart from the other Shinobu cosplayers.

Sharing the intricate design on her Twitter, the Polish cosplayer spared no expense and left no stone unturned in her flawless design. Her hair and makeup is perfect, even getting the butterflies pinned.

She also created her special katana, which is based on an insect’s “stinger” more than a blade itself. The tattered, battle-worn hilt and blade is a wonderful addition to the cosplay that really ties it all together.

That’s the special thing about purin’s cosplay too. Every element just ties everything together. While even just one of these things would be pretty special in a cosplay, being able to jam it all in one photo is the most beautiful thing of all.


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The Shinobu design might be her latest, but she’s unsure on what her next project will be. “I feel like I’m having an art block lately. I just have so many ideas and costumes to shoot but I just can’t put myself up for it,” she admitted on her Instagram.

No matter what it is though, we bet Purin will knock our socks off.