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Apex Legends cosplayer electrifies her enemies as stunning Wattson

Published: 1/Apr/2021 16:52

by Lauren Bergin


Even among Apex Legends’ vast array of unique characters, Wattson has always been a favorite of artists and cosplayers. One talented cosplayer has sparked the electric Legend to life with an incredible outfit.

Apex Legends has a particularly loyal and talented pool of cosplayers, who create incredibly life-like recreations of their favorite characters in real life.

Even the voice actors themselves are in on the impersonation game, with Horizon’s voice actress Elle Newlands debuting her cosplay of the iconic Scottish character earlier this year.

This cosplayer, however, has taken on a very different character in the form of Frenchwoman and fence building extraordinaire, Wattson.


Electrifying Wattson cosplay

Wattson in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
When she’s not building fences she’s slaying enemies.

A cosplay by German artist sarenji perfectly encapsulates the Static Defender and her happy-go-lucky attitude.

At first glance, you could easily mistake her photos for a drawing of Wattson. Everything is styled to perfection, from her baby blue hood that covers her white-blond bob, all the way down to her bright orange jacket and matching white trousers.

What’s interesting, however, is that this cosplayer had elected to include the subtle scar that features on the left-hand side of the Frenchwoman’s face. Known as a Lichtenberg figure, it results from exposure to high-level electricity or, in rare cases, being struck by lightning. This is all part of Wattson’s electric lore.


In every photo, though, what really shines is just how happy she is. Just like Wattson herself, she’s got the biggest, friendliest smile on her face.


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It turns out, though, that sarenji hasn’t just been strutting her stuff as our favorite electric queen. She has a whole series of Apex-related cosplays that are worth a look.

Featuring everyone from Loba to Crypto, Lifeline to Fuse, this artist has been using her time pretty wisely.

We’d love to see a few more skin variations, especially considering that the War Games event looms on the horizon and promises to be a cosmetic extravaganza. So if you’re an Apex fan, keep an eye on sarenji’s work.