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Apex Legends players find secret Wattson nerf that must be a mistake

Published: 30/Mar/2021 14:00

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have become increasingly frustrated by a bug with Wattson’s ultimate that doesn’t counter Horizon at all, making the already powerful legend even more OP than usual. 

Horizon was added to Apex Legends as a part of Season 7, using her astrophysicist skills to shake things up in matches on both Olympus and Worlds Edge.

Since her introduction, Horizon has become perhaps the strongest legend in the game, even more so than Caustic or Wraith. However, players have been growing increasingly frustrated with her.

Some pros and streamers believe she is out and out bad for the battle royale and needs some drastic changes. However, a new bug is making her even stronger than usual when coming up against Wattson.


Horizon riding in a car in Apex Legends
Horizon has become one of the best legends in the battle royale.

Wattson’s Interception Pylon ultimate counters many abilities and items in Apex, and should gobble up both Horizon’s Black Hole ultimate and her Gravity Lift when they’re used nearby.

However, recently, some players have noted that it isn’t quite working that way, giving the Scottish astrophysicist an even bigger helping hand.

“As a Wattson main I see this happening ALL THE TIME now and it’s super annoying,” said one Redditor, as others showcased clips of the problem in order to grab the attention of Respawn.

Horizon’s abilities are not being negated by Wattson’s Pylon from apexlegends

Plenty of players have encountered the issue too. “Both (abilities) are supposed to be blocked, but neither has been since the patch last split,” commented one Redditor. Another, REC, added: “I noticed that today when going up against a Wattson team. I thought I threw my ult before she put her pylon down, but I guess I was wrong.”

Others have confirmed that even throwing the Black Hole directly onto the Wattson ultimate won’t help, nevermind it being within range of being zapped away.

As of writing, the issue hasn’t been noted on Respawn’s public Trello board, and it’s unknown if they’re aware of the issue. However, players will be hoping it’s addressed sooner rather than later.