X-Men: From the Ashes – New X-teams, costumes, & the fate of Xavier’s School

Christopher Baggett
X-Men: From the Ashes key art

Marvel Comics’ X-Men books are due for a massive relaunch, with Marvel finally detailing the upcoming From the Ashes wave at SXSW.

The Fall of X is almost at its conclusion, with the Krakoa Age coming to an end. It’s going out with a bang, though, as the X-Men and Avengers unite against Orchis and a wave of Sentinels. 

Details for what comes next are finally trickling out, with Marvel unveiling the next wave of X-Men titles at SXSW. 

The panel featured first looks at the new teams and revealed what readers can expect from the upcoming line. 

X-Men: From the Ashes reveals three new X-Men books

Three new titles will lead the X-Men: From the Ashes initiative following Fall of X, with a number of supplementary titles releasing later in 2024. X-Men editor Tom Brevoort has said he hopes to launch a new X-Men title every month in 2024, starting with July’s X-Men #1.

While X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and Exceptional X-Men are the flagship titles, new solo titles will also fill out the rest of that calendar. The goal, according to Brevoort, is to focus more on individual characters with fewer team books, a direct inversion of the Krakoa Era X-Men titles.

Cyclops and the X-Men are saving mutants at any cost

Jed MacKay and Ryan Stegman will take over the adjectiveless X-Men title to kick off From the Ashes. The title follows Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, returning to his home in Alaska to lead a new team of X-Men. 

In new details shared by Marvel, it was revealed that Cyclops’ team will take a more direct approach to preserving the hope of the mutant race by any means necessary, even if that means being feared. With this reveal, it seems that the new X-Men will be closer to Scott’s Extinction Team or the Revolutionary era, which is sure to spur on fans’ cries of “Cyclops was right!”

Cyclops’ new X-Men will include The Beast, Magneto, Psylocke, Magick, Kid Omega, Temper, and Juggernaut. The team will be facing off against threats that include the remnants of Orchis, the anti-mutant organization responsible for the Fall of Krakoa.

X-Men #1 cover artX-MEN #1
Written by JED MACKAY
Art and Cover by RYAN STEGMAN
On Sale 7/10

The Uncanny X-Men are the last hope of the mutant race

Fan-favorite writer Gail Simone and artist David Marquez are teaming up for the flagship Uncanny X-Men title. With Krakoa gone, mutants are without a homeland. The series sees a small band of X-Men find themselves in New Orleans, where Rogue is becoming a figurehead for mutants.

Rogue stepping up into a leadership role may sound surprising, but she’s got the chops. Fans of her tenure on the Uncanny Avengers line-up have already seen her step up.

New details from Marvel position Uncanny X-Men as the most traditional X-Men team we’ve seen in years. The line-up includes team leader Rogue alongside Wolverine, Gambit, Nightcrawler, and Jubilee. The team has a fairly classic appearance, though some characters will get slight updates, but the book retains a fairly classic look and line-up. 

Uncanny X-Men #1 cover artUNCANNY X-MEN #1
Written by GAIL SIMONE
Art and Cover by DAVID MARQUEZ
On Sale 8/7

Kitty Pryde returns home for Exceptional X-Men

Exceptional X-Men by Eve L. Ewing and Carmen Carnero sees the fates of Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost explored after the fallout from Fall of X. Kitty, seeking to escape her past as an X-Man, flees to Chicago to start a new life. 

It’s the debut of three brand-new mutant characters that sees Kitty thrust back into the world of the X-Men, with Emma Frost returning to help her shepherd the new mutants. Long-time fans know Kitty and Emma have always had a frosty dynamic, so the pairing should make for some interesting tales. 

Exceptional X-Men launches in September 2024. 

Jean Grey is a cosmic powerhouse in new Phoenix series

The relaunched Phoenix title will be written by Spider-Gwen: The Ghost Spider writer Stephanie Phillips, with White Widow artist Allesandro Miracolo handling art chores. The story follows Jean into space as she answers a distress call from Nova, which promises to reveal a cosmic horror.

The confirmation that Jean will indeed be the sole Phoenix following her resurrection may ease some fans minds, but it brings up more questions. For starters, what’s led Jean to fully embrace the Phoenix identity and costume? And If Jean’s the Phoenix in space while Cyclops is leading the X-Men in Alaska, what’s their status?

Phoenix #1 cover artPHOENIX #1
On Sale 7/17

Wolverine and Ms. Marvel star in NYX

The relaunched NYX, written by the Timeless duo of Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzig with Avengers artist Francesco Mortarino on art chores, is the new home of two Marvel Comics mainstays: Laura Kinney/Wolverine and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, along with Anole, Prodigy, & Sophie Cuckoo. The story follows the five X-Men and an influx of displaced mutants making their way to New York after the fall of Krakoa.

The original NYX was an edgy, harsh look at the life of displaced mutants in New York, but today is best remembered today for the comic debut of Laura Kinney. The addition of Ms. Marvel (in her classic costume, no less) is sure to be a welcome surprise. It looks as if the new status quo will keep Ms. Marvel’s newfound mutant heritage close without placing her on one of the core teams.

NYX #1 cover artNYX #1
On Sale 7/24

Deadpool returns for a Forge-led X-Force

The upcoming X-Force series, by Avengers Assemble writer Geoffrey Thorne and artist Marcus To, focuses on Forge building a new X-Force to save the world with covert missions.

The new X-Force will have a core team that includes Rachel Summers/Phoenix, Betsy Braddock/Captain Britain, Sage, Surge, and Tank. The book will also include a rotating team of specialist members, the first being Deadpool.

X-Force #1 cover artX-FORCE #1
On Sale 7/31

More X-Men books yet to be revealed

Storm and Wolverine will also be returning in new titles. Details on these titles, including creative teams and storylines, have not been announced as of this writing. 

Every X-Men: From the Ashes Variant Cover

The new variant covers feature killer art by the likes of Clayton Crain, David Marquez J. Scott Campbell, and Leinil Francis Yu. They also give us the best look at the team’s new costumes, which all seem to be updated versions of their ’90s costumes.

Speaking of the ’90s, the first issue of Uncanny X-Men #1 will also get a “Hidden Gems” variant by industry legend Adam Kubert, depicting the team in their peak ’90s outfits, while X-Force #1 will get a foil Deadpool cover.

X-Force #1 Mahmud Asrar Variant CoverX-Force #1 Clayton Crain Forge variant
X-FORCE #1 variant cover by Mahmud AsrarX-FORCE #1 variant cover by Clayton Crain
X-Force #1 Tony Daniel variantX-Force #1 David Nakayama Deadpool Foil Variant
X-FORCE #1 variant cover by Tony DanielX-FORCE #1 Foil Variant Cover by David Nakayama
X-Men #1 Tony Daniel variant coverX-Men #1 Psylocke J. Scott Campbell variant
X-MEN #1 variant cover by Tony DanielX-MEN #1 Psylocke Variant Cover by J. Scott Campbell
X-Men #1 George Perez Beast variantUncanny X-Men #1 David Marquez variant cover
X-MEN #1 variant cover by George PérezUNCANNY X-MEN #1 variant cover by David Marquez
Uncanny X-Men #1 Leinil Francis Yu variant coverUncanny X-Men #1 Luciano Vecchio Rogue variant cover
UNCANNY X-MEN #1 variant cover by Leinil Francis YuUNCANNY X-MEN #1 Rogue Variant Cover by Luciano Vecchio
Uncanny X-Men #1 Adam Kubert Hidden Gems variant cover
UNCANNY X-MEN #1 Variant Cover by Andy Kubert

Free Comic Book Day previews the new X-Men – and Xavier’s Schools’ new status quo

The upcoming Blood Hunt/X-Men one-shot will offer readers the first glimpse at the upcoming new status quo for the X-Men titles.

The story sees Jubilee returning to Westchester. Here, it’s revealed that the former Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters has been dismantled and is now the Graymalkin Prison, home to the mysterious Inmate X. 

Blood Hunt/X-Men #1 will be available in comic shops May 4 as part of Free Comic Book Day.

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