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Why Warzone should buff the FN SCAR before Pacific launches

Published: 12/Nov/2021 22:55 Updated: 12/Nov/2021 23:22

by Theo Salaun


After over a year in Verdansk, Call of Duty: Warzone is about to embark on its next chapter. And, before it does, I have but one desperate, carefully thought-out wish: a small buff for the FN SCAR 17.

At the time of writing, November 12, it has been 612 days since Warzone released. In that time, Verdansk has been home to a number of different metas, with guns from both Modern Warfare 2019 and Black Ops Cold War.

Now, we look toward the next chapter in Warzone: the Pacific, Caldera map — expected to release in early December. And, while everyone is feverishly excited for the new environment, I have one last request for Verdansk.


The FN SCAR 17 is one of Warzone’s OGs (original guns). But, in the past 612 days, it has enjoyed the least amount of playtime among all launch-day ARs. Vanguard is coming, Pacific is coming, and I can think of no better way to send Verdansk off than with a last, first hoorah for the FN SCAR.

The FN SCAR deserves its time in the Warzone sun

fn scar 17 call of duty warzone in game
Look how pretty and ready for action the FN SCAR is.

When Black Ops Cold War came out, we expected MW19 guns to start getting phased out. And they did, as the DMR, C58, and now EM2 metas raged into the limelight. So when Vanguard comes out, the pattern will likely continue pushing MW19’s weaponry into the shadows.


If that’s the case, then this is the perfect time to send off those guns with honor. And no gun is more perfectly suited for a buff than the forgotten FN SCAR.

While the SCAR has never gotten any play in the meta, it’s actually a pretty good gun. While fun to use, its high damage and controllable recoil are limited by a measly max mag size of… 30 rounds.

Buffing the SCAR for Warzone is easy (and honorable)

Literally all you have to do to make the SCAR viable, if not outright meta, is buff its max mag size to 50 rounds. That’s all I’m asking for. No damage, range, or mobility tweaks necessary — it’s already pretty darn good, as you can see from Aydan’s big game above.


We’re all excited for Pacific Caldera and the integration of Vanguard’s outrageous 10-attachment guns. But, in the few weeks we have left with Verdansk (and who knows how long with MW19 guns), why not have some fun?

They say that “every dog has its day.” But, after 600-plus, the SCAR’S has yet to come. Still, it’s been available to us throughout the darkest times, no matter how much it was neglected.

Letting the SCAR be the last meta of Verdansk isn’t just a nice thing to do; it’s the right thing to do. With one simple buff, we can take this old dog out for its first real run in the Verdansk park.