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Warzone fans infuriate hacker conspiracy theorists with “toxic” 1v1 challs

Published: 11/Nov/2021 20:06

by Theo Salaun


Despite Vanguard’s release, the Call of Duty: Warzone community is still full of spice. And now, the ‘all streamers are hackers’ conspiracy theorists are getting very upset, as players are sending them 1v1 challenges.

There is a subset of Warzone fans that believes the majority of top-tier streamers are hacking. You don’t have to go very far to find them, as they’ll typically respond to anything a big streamer does with angry hack accusations.

While it’s good that they’re passionate about the game and apply a critical lens, they’ve also received backlash. And now that backlash has evolved in the most Call of Duty way imaginable: streamer defenders are challenging the hack accusers to in-game 1v1s.


It’s a classic way to settle CoD disputes, but they’re not happy about it. Instead, they want these challengers banned from Reddit for ‘abuse’ and ‘toxicity.’

Warzone hacker conspiracy theorists bothered by 1v1 challs

More abusive trolls sending toxic DMs. Someone really needs to start banning them… from StreamersCheating


As you see in a post to the ‘StreamersCheating’ subreddit, ‘CODAMIT’ was unhappy with a series of DMs they received.

Scrolling through their Reddit account, CODAMIT has accused Aydan, MuTeX, Swagg, and CDL pros of cheating — while insulting JGOD as well. In response to these sorts of defamatory remarks, a user DM’d their Activision ID saying “play me.”

Going further, they explained why CODAMIT should accept the 1v1 chall: “you’re dimwitted if you really think CDL pros cheat, prove me wrong. I play on PS4, no way I can cheat.”


Modern Warfare 2's Rust.
Infinity Ward
CoD player feuds have long been settled on Modern Warfare’s Rust.

In essence, the challenger seems to be suggesting that their skill superiority on console without cheats should prove that hacks aren’t necessary to be good at the game. This is a common line of thinking in the streamer-defender world. In the replies, this simply turned into arguments about whether or not cheats (other than Cronus) exist on console.

There were also comments about the DMs not being that toxic and hoping CODAMIT would accept the challenge. As of yet, it remains unclear whether or not those wishes were granted.

The lessons learned here are twofold. One, hack accusers don’t like being challenged to 1v1s (or being called “dimwitted”). Two, if you do decide to accuse a pro of cheating, be prepared for a 1v1 chall in the DMs.