Where to find all intel in MW2 Campaign Remastered

Activision via PS4Trophies

The launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Remastered Campaign has renewed the hunt for the intel spread throughout the game’s legendary story mode.

There are over 40 intel laptops scattered over MW2’s three acts. While some are easy to stumble on, others require a bit of exploration from the linear path that the game’s story takes players through.

Whether you’re experiencing the MW2 story for the first time or trying to add the ‘Leave No Stone Unturned’ achievement/trophy to your collection, here are all the intel locations for a thorough playthrough.

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Some intel laptops in Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Campaign are easier to find.

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It’s no surprise that the remaster didn’t change the locations of the hidden items from 2009, so that should make the hunt easier for vets.

YouTube channel ‘PS4Trophies’ gave a clear rundown of where all the intel laptops in MW2 can be found.

The remaster did significantly change some lighting, objects, and (obviously) textures for some of the intel spots which could throw off people used to how the old one looks.

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Fortunately, that’s a good thing when trying to find some of the sneakier intel laptops like the ones on the missions ‘Cliffhanger’ and ‘Just Like Old Times’.

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MW2 Intel laptops locations

If you’re still having trouble locating the laptops, here’s a rundown of where every intel item can be found across the MW2 Remastered Campaign.

1) The first can be found just as the campaign starts, but instead of going through the training area’s gates, go the opposite way to the tent where the laptop can be seen front and center.

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2) On the mission Team Player, the second can be found on the desk near posing as a monitor for the mouse and keyboard.

3) The third is down the road in the same mission, and is sitting on top of a crate.

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4) In the snowy landscape of the Cliffhanger mission, located up the ladder of a nearby outpost.

5) Can be found on the other side of a hangar window on Cliffhanger as you head toward MacTavish. Break the glass to access the laptop.

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6) This one’s a bit tricky since you have to run over it during Cliffhanger’s snowmobile pursuit. It’s hidden inside to the right of the brush that makes the path diverge at 1800m from the objective.

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7) On Takedown while clearing the favelas, the intel should be about 120m away on top of a table located inside one of the nearby houses.

8) While making your way through the next stage of Takedown, take the ladder about 80m from the marker. There’s a white door that leads to a room with a laptop.

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9) Fighting your way through Takedown, the building with a football graffiti on the wall of the entrance. It’s located opposite of the wall with the Brazilian flag painted on it.

10) About 45m from the objective after going upstairs in Takedown’s favelas, the building to the right has stairs going down. The next laptop is next to the mattress on the floor.

11) On the gas station shootout on the Wolverines mission, the intel is on top of the clerk’s counter inside.

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12) Across the street in Burger Town, the intel is located inside of the dumpster around the corner of the building.

13) The next one is in the Taco Togo building, break the window to find it on top of the table.

14) Fighting through the plazas, the CRB Financial bank has one next to a desk in front of the teller’s window.

15) On the Hornet’s Nest mission, make your way into the nearby garage with a blue buggy. Go to the next room and it’s on the table.

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16) After the battle in the clearing on Hornet’s Nest, there’s a palette with two green barrels next to it. The laptop is on top of the barrels.

17) After clearing Pelayo’s ice cream shop on Hornet’s Nest, go to the second floor of the building attached. Go upstairs again after the green-walled section to find the laptop on the wooden table.

18) Leaving the marketplace, there’s a football field. Behind the goal on the far side, there’s a red building with a laptop on the other side of the window.

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19) On the Mission Exodus, go into the office at the Garden Villas apartments where a laptop is seen on the desk.

20) Near the checkpoint around the Arcadia shelter, there’s an office with a desk filled with monitors and a couple of TVs. The laptop is on the edge of the desk.

21) Crossing the bridge, there’s a house with potted plants and an open front door. Go to the second floor and the intel is on the couch.

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22) On The Only Easy Day mission, go upstairs after the first set of hostages. The racks in the garage have a laptop amid the tools, nestled in between a red toolbox and two yellow lights.

23) The laptop is on another storage rack after clearing the deck two.

24) Making your way to the third level, there’s a room where there are stairs going up and down. An intel can be found behind the yellow stairs going up.

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25) On Gulag before going into the prison, there’s some stairs going up to a room. The laptop is on the far wall on top of the cabinets to the left.

26) Entering the screen-filled control center, head around the back of the room where a lone laptop sits above a desk.

27) Fighting through the Gulag, there’s a room numbered 237. The intel is on the right side of the room.

28) After reuniting with Price, turn around to find the laptop in front of a brightly lit TV on the desk.

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29) In an elevator on the ‘Of Their Own Accord’ mission, an intel laptop is sitting to the right, next to a fallen soldier.

30) After locating the SAM site in the Capitol building, there’s a room with a hostile and intel laptop inside.

31) Sneaking through the Contingency mission, Price will call out the “three man patrol” but there’s a laptop in between on top of a crate.

32) After Contingency’s predator missile section, there’s a structure marked ‘Building 33’ immediately to the left. There’s a laptop in the next room following the vending machines.

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33) There’s a nearby helicopter pad after intel case #32, the laptop is on the left side.

34) After busting through the door on Whiskey Hotel, there’s an enemy you shoot through a hole in the wall. Hug the left wall to find a laptop on a couch around a corner.

35) While following Sgt. Foley to the upstairs room, when he pops his green flairs there’s an intel laptop to the right corner of the room near the entrance.

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36) On the Loose Ends mission, there’s a small corridor where you have to breach two doors. The one on the left leads to a small armory. There’s a laptop on the opposite side of the weapon wall.

37) There’s a shanty cabin near the lake on Loose Ends where an intel laptop is sitting next to a regular laptop.

38) In the main cabin house, go upstairs and there’s a laptop near the window looking over the Jeeps.

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39) On the mission ‘The Enemy of My Enemy,’ there’s a laptop in the cockpit of a broken plane about 408m away from the objective.

40) Just as Price slides in with his SUV, the car stops in front of the cockpit-half of a jet. There’s a laptop above the small stairs.

41) In ‘Just Like Old Times,’ after killing the guy smoking, keep going forward to find a laptop hugging the right side of the tunnel.

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42) Just before leaving the cave, there’s an area to the left with a table. On top of the table is a TV and intel laptop.

43) During the ambush, head to the dark corner of the cave. On the other side of the ramp-up, there’s a laptop in front of a chain-link fence.

44) In the room laced with explosives, there’s a laptop on the table in the clutter of cola cans on the opposite side of the computer you use to override the door locks.

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45) The last piece of intel on Endgame is given to you before getting onto the boat with Price.

Finding all of the intel cases in Modern Warfare 2 can be tricky even for CoD veterans who may have forgotten where they all are.

However, this guide should give you more clarity on where to find those hard-to-reach laptops while you make your way through MW2’s Remastered Campaign.