Nadeshot urges Infinity Ward to fix Warzone hacking before it’s too late

. 2 years ago
YouTube: 100 Thieves / Infinity Ward

Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has begged Infinity Ward to do something about the overload of hacking in Warzone, and warned if they don’t implement “some kind of anti-cheat software” soon, the battle royale would “die out.”

The 100 Thieves star’s warning came after he and teammates Courage, and TimtheTatman found themselves on the wrong side of a squad “blatantly hacking.” It’s an issue that also plagued the second $20k Warzone Wednesday event.

The star-studded trio dropped into one of Warzone’s more popular drop-zones, Airport. They were wiped out moments later. With pinpoint headshots and wall-bangs leaving them no chance, they had clearly fallen victim to hackers.

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After sitting in stunned silence for nearly a minute, Nadeshot launched into an impassioned tirade aimed at Infinity Ward. In particular, he said he “couldn’t believe” the triple-A devs had skipped adding anti-cheat measures to Warzone.

“I just can’t believe that you create a free battle royale game, and don’t come to the market, when you release the game, with an anti-cheat software. Their solution is having a security team manually review hackers’ accounts,” Nadeshot said.

More than 50,000 hackers & cheaters have already been caught in banned in Warzone.
Infinity Ward
More than 50,000 hackers & cheaters have already been caught in banned in Warzone.

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The 100T founder was referencing Infinity Ward’s March 31 blog on the topic, which revealed how they were combating hackers. Apparently, the devs have security teams watching 24/7, and then manually banning hacking offenders.

Nadeshot wasn’t impressed, at all. There are already more than 30 million players registered to the game, he said, which means they need to do more. It’s a “great achievement,” but they’re going to let it slip away if they do nothing.

“They know that this is one of the biggest game franchises in the entire world, and they said, f**k it. Those five guys over there in that corner of this office on the third floor, they’re gonna be in charge of fending off hackers worldwide,” he continued.

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“It’s Call of Duty… [they’re] a triple-A publisher. You know what? We don’t need software that can stop players from logging on with hacking abilities, with aimbots, with wall radar… It’s going to ruin the entire experience.”

Nadeshot added one final barb for the MW devs too: he invoked Riot’s much-praised decision to build upcoming FPS release Valorant with anti-cheat designs from the beginning. Infinity Ward could learn a lot from them, he said.

“I love this game, and I don’t want it to die out because of people hacking,” he said, and pointed to the League devs’ first steps into the genre as a highwater mark the Call of Duty franchise should learn from in regards to hacking.

“Riot has literally developed their game from the ground up with anti-cheats,” the 100T star explained. “They understand the amount of integrity involved in games where people want to be competitive in the game.”

This isn’t the first time the former OpTic superstar has sounded off on how Infinity Ward are managing Call of Duty’s new battle royale either. On March 25, Nadeshot took a swipe at the decision to put skill-based matching in Warzone.

For now, the devs haven’t responded, and likely won’t. Season 3 is now on the horizon for the title, along with plenty of changes. Keep your fingers crossed Infinity Ward will roll out some kind of anti-cheat measure during the new season.

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