Frustrating Warzone bug lets vehicles kill enemies through buildings


Another Warzone bug has come to light that is annoying players, and it involves being killed by vehicles through walls with absolutely no chance to counter.

Vehicles are already well-established as one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Although they were probably intended purely to help with rotations and getting across the map, they’ve become a favored tool for simply mowing down any enemies in your way.

If this wasn’t frustrating enough, it appears that vehicles – and the large truck most persistently – have powers we previously hadn’t discovered, and the bug is becoming quite a nuisance.

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The inclusion of vehicles was likely done with only the best intentions, but things seem to have gone south.

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While you might think that being inside a building and tucked away is one of your best chances at avoiding being spotted or ran into by a truck driver, it turns out that even brick walls can’t protect you.

Many Warzone players have complained to Activision about the issue at this point and will be desperately hoping for a fix to come, as showcased in this clip, where the truck clearly didn’t make contact with the player it killed.

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It’s not only standing buildings that trucks can kill through, either. It appears there isn’t much that can stop it, as Call of Duty League commentator Thomas ‘Chance’ Ashworth showed in a clip he posted to Twitter on April 1, in which he is looting a plane and someone simply rams into the side of it, downing Chance who was left in complete disbelief.

“Uh, f**king excuse me?” he asks in shock after being downed. “I’m in an airplane!”

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Clearly there is an issue with vehicles, and trucks in particular, and there’s no doubt Infinity Ward have already seen clips such as these and will be planning to address the bug imminently.

Until then, though, maybe try to protect yourself in the upper floors of buildings if you think there’s a truck around.

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