What is the average K/D ratio in Warzone? How to check your stats

David Purcell
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Millions of players have dived into Call of Duty’s battle royale game since it first launched, and knowing how your Warzone K/D ratio ranks against enemies will show you how good, or bad, you’re playing. 

Warzone is one of the most popular first-person shooters out there, completely free-to-play. With constant updates rolling out throughout the year, Activision’s successful BR title always pulls players back in for some shooter action.

Not everybody will be aware if they’re operating at a level considered to be average, below average, or above average. However, that’s where the K/D ratio comes into play, as it can be a good way of tracking how you’re performing from game to game.

What is K/D?

The K/D system in Call of Duty is a ratio of your number of kills, compared to your number of deaths. 

The higher this number is, the better you’re playing.

Average K/D in Warzone

Warzone CR-56 Amax Season 4 Reloaded Update Long-Range Meta
The best CoD players use their K/D to boast about how good they are at the game. The worst ones, well, not so much.

Using statistics from CharlieIntel, let’s run through the three different levels of K/D ratio to see where your abilities rank.


Warzone’s average K/D ratio is around 1.00, meaning you’re picking up one kill for every death.

Below Average

To be considered below average in Warzone, your K/D would be below 0.75. 

Above average

To be considered above average in Warzone, your K/D ratio would be above 1.5.

How to check and track Warzone stats

To check your Warzone K/D, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to ‘Barracks’.
  2. Click on ‘Records’.
  3. Select the stats you want to check. 
  4. Filter to ‘Friends’.

How to improve your Warzone K/D

warzone ghillie suit sniper
Some people will tell you camping can help boost your K/D ratio, but it’s not the only way.

There are many tactics players can utilize in order to drive up their Kills to Death ratio, but in simple terms, you’re just going to need to hit more targets and kill more enemies.

Let’s run through a few quick ways you can improve:

For more information on how to get high-kill games in Warzone, check out our guide!

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