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Best Warzone landing spots on Verdansk map in Season 2

Published: 26/Feb/2021 10:43

by Jacob Hale


Verdansk is a map we’ve all become incredibly familiar with since Warzone was released in March 2020. We’ve all got our favored drops and preferred rotations, but are you making the most of the map? Here, we’ve listed the best drop spots in the game.

Warzone’s Season 2 update has arrived and with it comes Zombies, a new ship POI and three weapon silos scattered around Verdansk. Of course, these additions have changed where players are dropping in, and therefore, knowing the best spots to land is key if you’re looking to pick up the victory.

Whether you’re a solo player or running with a squad, if you’re looking for high-kill wins or just want to actually get the win, it’s well worth looking at the best drop spots for every scenario.


Best solo landing spot

Warzone Dam location in-game
Dam is great for rotation and isn’t too busy.

If you’re playing solo, unless you’re aiming to constantly be in the thick of the action, you’ll have to play much more cautiously than in duos, trios, or quads.

That’s why we think Dam and its surrounding areas are best for solo players. You can grab a helicopter, or one of the many vehicles located around it, and usually find decent loot too. Not only this, there’s plenty of rotation options when leaving the Dam, even when you’re on foot.

The mobility options mean you can quickly get in and out of fights, hopefully saving yourself without a teammate to rely on. Not to mention it’s ideal for keeping yourself out of the gas and in the safety of the circle, hopefully, right through to the endgame.


Best duo landing spot

Downtown POI in warzone
Downtown Verdansk – one of the most popular areas in Warzone.

In duos, you have a little more freedom than in solos as you can rely on a teammate to help you out, so being downed doesn’t always feel as significant.

For that reason, you can afford to up the risk a little and drop somewhere more populated. For this, we would recommend Downtown. It’s going to be busy, but there’s enough loot to keep the whole lobby going, as well as good opportunity for fights as well as movement, money, and spaces to heal up.

Ideally, if you drop at Downtown you can loot up one corner, get a few kills, get yourself set up for the long run and get out of there without having to deal with too many roof campers. From there, you can rotate based on where the circle looks to be going.


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Best Trios & Quads landing spot

Warzone train station
Train Station has loot in abundance, and could definitely set you up well at the start of the game.

In trios and quads game modes, your options are more limited. If you want the whole squad to be well-looted up, you’ll have to go somewhere busy. For that reason, we recommend Train Station.

The likelihood is, you’re going to get into gunfights, and you’ll probably lose some too. The priority here, though, is taking advantage of how much cash and loot boxes are available at Train, and hoping that your squad wins out.


The quieter alternatives would be somewhere like Farmland or Quarry which, while still decently-populated on most drops, are a little quieter and offer the opportunity to spread your team out a little more.

Best landing spot for high-kill games

Ship POI Warzone
The Vodianoy tanker was added to Warzone in the Season 2 update.

Normally, the high-kill game’s position on the list would be reserved for Superstore as the POI is flooded with players every single match. However, following the Season 2 update, the Vodianoy Shipwreck is the most popular landing spot in the game at the moment.

Filled to the brim with loot and absolute chaos once every squad has landed, this is a spot you should only consider if you’re ready for a battle. Although it’s probably not the optimal landing spot for winning games, it’s certainly a lot of fun, so give it a go and see what you think.


Keep in mind, if you’re looking for a standard high-kill game experience, Superstore is still the location for you, so don’t write it off.

Best landing spot for easier wins

Warzone prison
Prison is crammed with loot, but could be a game-winning drop if you don’t mind a slower game.

If you’re looking for easy wins, you always have to study the circle before picking your drop. You also have to be prepared to drop in one of the corners of the map and have, for lack of a better term, a boring game.

One of the best places for this is Prison. The circle will often pull towards the south-east side of the map, and being setup atop Prison makes you almost untouchable. This is true whether you’re playing solos or quads, so while it might not be the most entertaining gameplay, it’ll definitely do the best job of placing you in the final circles.

New landing spots to try out

Warzone Silos
Three Silos can be found across the Warzone map.

As with the release of any new update, the best time to explore the new content is right at the start. So, take a break from your regular landing spot and maybe give one of the three new Silos added to the map a go. You can check out each of their exact locations here.

Each of them is attached to an underground bunker with a moderate amount of loot inside. Keep in mind, these aren’t top-tier spots but they’ll certainly get you off to a good start. Also, as it’s new content, there’s bound to be one or two squads there for you to take down – just make sure you come out on top.

Overall, a lot of this comes down to personal preference. At the end of the day, you’ll familiarize yourself with certain landing spots and learn how best to navigate them. That said, if you’re looking to shake things up, consider some of the suggestions above.

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