Warzone players claim aim assist and speed hacking have “broken” the game

Shane Black
Warzone S2 artwork

Warzone players are in a bad way after the emergence of aim assist and speed hacking has “broken” the game for them.

Despite its popularity, Warzone has seen its fair share of issues appear, ranging from game instability to players cheating in their matches.

And while Activision has taken action to crack down on this behavior, the company has been unable to stop all of it from happening.

Because of this, the Warzone community thinks it has gotten out of control, specifically with the emergence of speed hacking and powerful aim assist that has made it hard to play.

Warzone players blame speed hacking for ruining the game

The conversation can be found on the COD Warzone subreddit, where a clip was shared, titled: “Speed hackers are no match for aim assist.”

The clip shows the player being attacked by others using speed hacking, resulting in the player combating this with aim assist to pull off the kills and survive.

For context, speed hacking is when a player uses a third-party program to let their character move faster than they normally would, as can be seen in the clip.

While the post itself was made as more of a jab at speed hacking than it is at aim assist, the responses have used the chance to discuss how rampant both of these issues are.

As one user puts it: “Ladies and Gentleman – Modern gaming.”

Many are pointing to the fact that while the speed hacking is from an outside source, the aim assist is in the game naturally and arguably worse.

“If aim assist somehow out duals speed hacking, what does that tell you about aim assist…”

Other Warzone fans are pointing the finger at Activision for not cracking down on these issues hard enough.

“Activision is going to pump out 8 new 2400-3000 blueprints before even acknowledging half of every match is a mix of speed hackers, blatant walls, and soft/rage aimbot.”

The fact of the matter is that the Warzone community has grown beyond frustrated with the state of the game, and has begun to move on to other titles.