Warzone’s new T-Pose assassination is the game’s most spectacular glitch yet


Call of Duty: Warzone has a history of infuriating bugs, but a new one is absolutely delightful. Due to some bizarre glitch in the matrix, players have discovered you can pull off a literal T-Pose assassination.

Some people like Warzone for its realism and others like it for its more arcade elements. Some like to sweat for wins and kills, others like to troll and annoy people with “BM” (bad manners).

Well, the latter camp has now been blessed by a new bug in Verdansk. If you’ve grown bored of simply teabagging and shooting bodies, how does a T-Pose teleportation assassination sound? Probably too good to be true.

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But it is true and it is as weird as it is magnificent. As Warzone streamer and tourney player Frozone discovered, there’s an allegedly Operator-based glitch that breaks — in the best way possible — the animations for your execution.

As you can see, Fro manages to stun an enemy, setting them up for the obnoxious assassination. But once the animation starts, both players are perfectly still, standing upright, as the victim teleports in T-Pose and suddenly poofs into death.

A literal T-Pose teleportation execution, you can’t make this stuff up.

And how do people feel about the new bug? Reactions are mixed, with some scared to death and others fully enamored. Mostly though, people just think it’s hilarious — with some even hoping Warzone’s devs will add it to the game for real.

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Charly can’t be trusted.

While no one can be exactly positive what’s causing this glitch to happen, some have mentioned that it’s likely due to something with the Charly Operator. 

At the moment, though, this glitchy execution has not been added to Raven Software’s Trello board, so it’s likely that they haven’t added it to the list of broken features just yet. That’s good news if you’re interested in doing some T-Pose trolling yourself.