Warzone players want even more PvE features after Vanguard reveal


Call of Duty: Vanguard was officially revealed through an in-game PvE Warzone event. Players had to complete tasks in the Battle of Verdansk to unlock the trailer. The community enjoyed this and is asking the devs to add more PvE features.

PvE is also known as player vs. environment, which is when players are against an AI-controlled system. CoD’s Campaign and Zombies mode are two of its modes that fall under this category.

In the Battle of Verdansk, players were on a team of 32 players against the armored train. They needed to work together to do enough damage to take down the AI-operated train.

This event could be the start of something that players want to be added to Warzone in the future: PvE game modes with rewards.

Players want to see PvE modes, such as aspects from Zombies, integrated into Warzone.

Warzone community calls for more PvE modes

Feedback from the worldwide reveal event has seen a lot of positivity from the community. Players enjoyed this event so much that they want to see more PvE Warzone events in the future.

This Reddit post shows off the community’s happiness with this event. Lots of comments surrounding this were in favor of adding more PvE aspects into Warzone.

The in-game Warzone event is available for a limited time and can be replayed as much as possible, but the rewards are only available to earn once.

Players want replayability and were quick to throw some ideas around that could work as a PvE Warzone mode. Most of the ones tossed around revolved around integrating aspects of Call of Duty’s popular Zombies game mode.

On top of integrating aspects of Zombies into Warzone some players had other suggestions. One Redditor wants to see a mix of PvE and PvP. They said, “PvE but zombies / survival / fortification until the very end, last 5 squads fight each other for escape.”

As suggested this mode would be PvE up until there are five teams left. Once there are fewer teams in the lobby it then turns into the Battle Royale PvP mode, the last team standing wins.

There hasn’t been any indication from Activision on plans to add more PvE modes into the game. However, after the recent event, fans are eager to see more of this in the future.