Warzone players call for Rebirth mode changes to replace “boring” Verdansk

Warzone Rebirth Solos RavenActivision

A host of Warzone players have called on Raven to add Rebirth Solos to the Call of Duty battle royale, suggesting that the island map is a “perfect” environment for such a mode. 

When Rebirth Island was first added to Warzone back in December of 2020, some players were underwhelmed and hoping for a more sizeable environment to be added to CoD’s acclaimed BR.

However, since its addition, players have been enjoying the more claustrophobic battle royale, but believe it is still lacking in terms of possible ways to play.

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Solos have only been available on Rebirth Island for a very short time – as part of the Rebirth Mini Royale Solo playlist. Some players have actually criticized Raven for mode changes being far too frequent on the small map.

Warzone's Rebirth Island map in ResurgenceActivision
Rebirth Island offers a smaller, more fast-paced BR experience.

Now, criticism has focused on Raven’s failure to make Rebirth Solos a permanent Warzone mode.

A number of fans of the map have suggested that it is a missed opportunity currently, especially when Solos has been such an ever-present mode in Verdansk.

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Redditor ‘DefunctHunk‘ was among those calling for its additions, saying: “Rebirth Island Solos should be a thing and it’s surprising that it’s never happened. The map would be perfect for a 10 minute, 40 person Solos mode. Verdansk gets old quickly and Solos on Verdansk is currently infested with cheaters (and has been since the start of Season 4).”

At the moment, players who want to play Rebirth Island solo have to drop into Trios or Quads on their own.

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A quicker, smaller solos battle royale would probably appeal to players – especially given the length and size of a typical BR game on Verdansk.

Other Redditors echoed the OP’s suggestions, with one saying: “I think just having the same options as Verdansk would be awesome. Have a “Rebirth Island” playlist with solos, duos, trios, and quads. Whether it’s mini royale or resurgence, I just want options.”

Raven could yet shake up the options for Rebirth Island, but it’s a fine balance to strike. What’s clear though, is some players think it’s not capitalizing on its potential for now.

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