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Warzone troll figures out perfect way to sabotage enemy teams on Rebirth Island

Published: 25/Jul/2021 1:45 Updated: 25/Jul/2021 2:09

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s Rebirth Island has a small map, so players get really up close and personal with each other. One player figured out the best way to absolutely troll their neighboring opponents.

When you’re on the high ground in Rebirth Island, you can practically see the entire map. When you have resources at your disposal, that’s nice because you can find your next victims. When you don’t have resources at your disposal, it can be a nightmare seeing teams of bad guys secure their loadouts.

All that considered, there is perhaps no higher ground than the seat of a helicopter. And, even if you have zero armor or guns in pocket, a Warzone player has figured out how to use a chopper to gain an advantage.


Locating an enemy team who just bought a loadout, ‘Hendrrix’ proceeds to swoop in, fly their chopper right under that box of goodies, and send it into the water. It’s honestly as glorious as it sounds.


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As you can see, Hendrrix is a smooth navigator, quickly slipping below the loadout crate and tossing it into the sea. As he jokes about the troll behavior, the enemy team realizes and starts sending bullets his way. 

Unfortunately for them, it’s too late and they were better off spending that time looking for more money. Unlike accidentally throwing your loadout marker into the water, which can’t be done and automatically refreshes the drop in your inventory, this method has real consequences.


Warzone Rebirth
Raven Software/Activision
Small map, big potential for troublemakers.

If you want to pull this off yourself, it’s pretty simple. Grab a helicopter, float around looking for teams at buy stations, wait for that red smoke to appear, then fly toward it. The smoke makes it very easy to figure out where to wait and then, once the loadout box is on top of you, throw that thing away.

Some people just want to game to have fun, others want to be menaces to society. This method helps you do both.