Warzone’s infamous underground loadout glitch is back with a bizarre twist

Alec Mullins

Warzone’s underground loadout glitch is a familiar sight for veteran players, but there is now an extra bizarre twist to the story after the problem resurfaced on Caldera. 

From PPSH-41 builds with perfect hip-fire accuracy to AR setups that are deadlier than ever, Warzone players have enough threats to worry about around the map without their own loadout drops taking them on a scavenger hunt — but that’s exactly what’s happening in Caldera right now.

One player caught proof of exactly what’s going on and has taken to Reddit to share their findings with the rest of the world.

Warzone Pacific's loadout drops are disappearingActivision
Loadout drops are more important in Caldera than they were on Verdansk so what should players do if one goes missing?

The glitch was first noted on the Warzone subreddit when Andurill tracked the position of their personal drop on the mini-map.

It’s clear as day to see that the drop starts much closer to the center of the map before traveling over 100 meters northeast with no obvious explanation as to what is causing it to move.

They eventually caught up to the loadout, just to find it stuck deep underground, making it completely inaccessible and a huge waste of time to chase in the first place.


This isn’t a one-time problem either. One user suggested that this has been happening to them anytime a free drop lands on high elevation at all: “Happens 100% of the time to me when free loadout comes and it’s anywhere near the top of [Caldera’s] peak.”

Another commenter reaffirmed those claims and joked that this problem seems to rear its head exclusively when a new loadout would be ideal: “This s**t happens in the worst possible matches it seems.”

One version of this problem was patched out of the game back in Verdansk but there’s no telling how long it might take for this variant to get sent back into the bug void.