CoD Vanguard players lash out at Bioluminescence Blueprint “scam”

CoD Vanguard BlueprintActivision

Call of Duty: Vanguard players have lashed out at the new Bioluminescence MP40 Blueprint for its deceiving preview in the CoD store, even going as far as to label it a “scam.”

With each new CoD Vanguard update, one thing is a given. There are always fresh bundles on rotation in the game’s store. Whether it’s Operator skins, Weapon Blueprints, or even rare crossover packs, there’s plenty to spend your money on.

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One recent addition to the store, however, has drawn the attention of pros, streamers, and casual players alike for all the wrong reasons. 

While the new Bioluminescence Blueprint appears to give the MP40 SMG a glowing blue look, its actual effect in-game doesn’t quite match the preview. Thus, an immense wave of backlash has quickly followed, with many feeling ‘ripped off’ by the premium item.

The Legendary Blueprint is included as part of the Blue Thunder bundle in Vanguard’s latest update. Not only does it come with a unique look for the MP40, but it’s also supposed to have Cyan-colored Tracer Rounds as well.

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After buying the bundle, many exposed how the preview looks “nothing” like the actual Blueprint. Rather than a vibrant effect, one brighter than just about any other skin in Vanguard, the finished product is a dull shade of blue. The effect is even less noticeable when extra attachments come into play.

“Just got scammed,” FaZe’s Testyment said in a now-viral tweet. Pro CDL player Standy took issue with the Blueprint as well, comparing the recent Valorant Champions skin line with the MP40’s blue tinge.

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“It practically glows in the store and in pre-game lobbies,” one particularly agitated player said on Reddit. “But [it] looks like this in-game? Tracers are also non-existent.”

Given the hefty price tag of the Blue Thunder bundle, many were left relieved they’d saved their money. “This post saved me from buying the pack. We need to boycott buying stuff from the store,” players chimed in.

There’s currently no telling if the bundle will see any changes in the days to come.

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