Warzone’s December 16 Christmas update seemingly breaks the game

Warzone Festive Fervor eventActivision

Warzone’s holiday-themed December 16 update appears to have completely broken the Battle Royale, leaving players unable to finish a full match due to the new festive features.

Following an announcement earlier in the week, Warzone’s Festive Fervor event went live with a 6GB update on December 16. While this fresh patch intended to activate the Christmas-themed content, it has seemingly broken the game instead.

Despite deploying a number of bug fixes, a vast majority of players are now unable to complete a match. Part-way through seemingly any match, Warzone’s servers can boot you from the lobby without warning.

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This issue appears to be impacting all platforms at the time of writing. Dexerto is working to verify the crashes occur in all playlists.

Cod Vanguard Festive Fervor.Activision
The Festive Fervor update appears to be responsible for widespread crashes in Warzone.

“The Festive Fervor Warzone update has crashed my squads game three times,” one player highlighted on Twitter. “Game freezes for everyone & boots us all back.”

“I tried playing a couple games on this newest update and [it] has been crashing at the same time every game for me and my squad,” another player chimed in on Reddit. “It just kicks us out and says the server disconnected from the host.”

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There’s no telling exactly what triggers the crash, though it appears to be something introduced in the holiday-themed update. Be it the AI Krampus that hunts players down, or new elves hidden around Caldera.

Players have labeled Warzone “unplayable” in its current state, although Activision is yet to confirm issues following the update. 

For the time being, Warzone players may not be able to complete a full match if they’re unlucky — so be wary if you do queue up.

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