Warzone’s Vanguard integration date reportedly leaked: New Pacific map release, WWII weapons

Brad Norton
Warzone Pacific map gameplay

Warzone’s integration with Call of Duty Vanguard appears to have a date set in stone as new leaks have seemingly revealed when we can expect the new Pacific map, along with every WWII-era piece of equipment.

With CoD Vanguard set to arrive on November 5, its full-fledged Warzone integration is set to follow close behind. Following the same pattern as Black Ops Cold War in 2020, all-new content from the latest release will be deployed in Warzone simultaneously.

From the new Pacific map, to dozens of WWII-era weapons, and even CoD’s new RICOCHET anti-cheat system, it’s all set to arrive one the same day. 

While this exact date has been kept under wraps for now, early leaks pulled from Warzone’s October 18 update appear to have revealed key details.

Warzone’s integration with CoD Vanguard is reportedly set for Tuesday, December 7, according to a prominent leaker.


A new string of code plucked from the latest Warzone patch seemingly revealed a menu advertisement for the integration. “Vanguard is coming,” it reads.

This promotion labelled the crossover as ‘Chapter 3,’ following on from Modern Warfare and Cold War as Chapters 1 and 2 respectively. 

“Chapter 3 coming December 7th.”

Warzone Pacific Map
Warzone’s new Pacific map will launch alongside Vanguard’s integration.

With Warzone Season 6 now underway, most were under the impression it would be the final season in Verdansk.

Therefore, rather than transitioning to Season 7, we would instead transition to Season 1 all over again with the arrival of Vanguard.

While the December 7 date is yet to be confirmed by Activision, take this information with a grain of salt. After all, the December 7 date doesn’t exactly align with the end of the Season 6 Battle Pass.

CoD Vanguard cover art
The reported date places Vanguard’s Warzone integration five weeks out from launch.

An official announcement is sure to be made public in the very near future as Vanguard’s full release draws close.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated here on the confirmed Vanguard integration date as soon as details emerge.

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