Warzone & Vanguard devs send strong message to hackers

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Call of Duty: Warzone’s developers have taken direct aim at hackers. In a new statement, the studio has confronted cheaters and laid out a teaser for the upcoming Vanguard anti-cheat.

It’s no secret that Warzone has had a problem with hackers. The battle royale’s cheating situation has been complained about many times and the devs are apparently well aware.

In the Vanguard trailer, Activision slid in a sly easter egg showing confidence in an upcoming anti-cheat. The general understanding is that said security measures will enter the fold once Vanguard integrates with Warzone.

Now, CoD’s official account has decided to send a message to hackers directly. It lays out the franchise’s stance on cheaters and, more importantly, teases a reveal date for the highly anticipated anti-cheat.

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Call of Duty: Warzone & Vanguard’s anti-cheat teaser

The tweet starts by acknowledging that the CoD devs haven’t always been perfect in curbing hackers: “We don’t always get it right.”

But the tone quickly changes, as the devs take aim at cheaters and let it be known how they feel about the behavior.

By the end, the message is loud and clear: “Cheaters aren’t welcome. There’s no tolerance for cheaters, and soon you’ll know what we mean.”

This is now the second time that the developers have built up their upcoming anti-cheat, so expectations are mile-high. And, as far as what “soon” means, they teased their intentions further.

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The tweet’s caption says “see you tomorrow.” So Warzone fans have penciled in October 13 as an important date. With Vanguard set to release on November 5, it’s unclear if the anti-cheat will be debuting ahead of time or if the date alluded to is simply a reveal of upcoming plans.

Whatever the case, streamers and casual players alike have rallied around this message. Its phrasing is direct and its threatening aura has seemingly given many hope.